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Contract Manufacturer Of Dietary Supplements

Contract Manufacturer Of Dietary Supplements

The dietary supplements industry has become more and more popular, especially in today’s world of convenience. It’s never been easier to reach more customers via the Web and find only the finest ingredients for dietary supplement products. Therefore, it’s important to research options and choices of contract manufacturers in the early stages of planning your business. From your customer target base, to which types of supplements to sell or offer, taking time to make a plan is wise. Not only do you have to understand the needs of your target market, but also be familiar with the laws and regulations that apply with your contract manufacturer of dietary supplements. The best way to start is to find your market, decide which products to make, and finally, choosing the right contract manufacturer.SolisLabs is a cGMP recognized leader that specializes in contract manufacturing for private label and nutraceutical products such as dietary supplements. For years, we have been managing the entire process of manufacturing from formulation to packaging and have maintained our reputation in providing high-quality products with precision and efficiency. We strive to provide the best customer service support, quality products, safety and customer satisfaction.

What To Know With Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

When starting a dietary supplements business, there are some things to consider in order to keep your business successful and with minimal speed bumps or traffic tickets along the way. For example, It’s important to stay up-to-date on the illegal or otherwise banned substances that occasionally show up in the ingredients of certain dietary supplements. A well-known example of this is ephedra, a substance proven dangerous and an illegal ingredient in supplements. Other substances may not be illegal, but are equally banned from usage in certain dietary supplements. Since it would be impossible for us to list all illegal or banned substances in this blog, exercising good judgement and doing research will keep your business running successfully. Also, it may be wiser to find a niche you can focus on intently, instead of trying to sell every type of nutritional supplement out there. What do you have a passion for? What kinds of dietary supplementation are a focus for your business? These are wonderful questions in finding your businesses own niche and core product line. Keep in mind, customers interested in general health benefits may also want to buy a selection of complementary supplements that you can later on down the road sell together. Happy and satisfied customers always come back for suggestions on products that work well together. Understanding your options as a dietary supplement business or provider is key.

Choosing A Contract Manufacturer Of Dietary Supplements

After deciding which types of dietary supplements your business wants to sell, the next step would be choosing a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements. Today, there are many options or companies to choose from. And each may offer their own unique piece to the manufacturing process and final product. But, overall these companies offer the same services and knowing which company best suits your businesses needs is imperative. Most contract manufacturer’s worth considering should be open with you from the start about information, but that is not always. Bringing your own questions to the table, from process to standards, to services provided, will help narrow your choice in which manufacturer to choose for your business. By being open with a potential contract manufacturer of dietary supplements from the get-go, you can begin the process of gathering all of the information you need. Plus, this helps the potential manufacturer to begin the process of learning everything they need to know about you, your potential customers, and your product. Some questions worth asking a potential contract manufacturer of dietary supplements may range. Many of the questions that are worth asking have to do with details that are unique to your services needed such as ingredients, ingredient sourcing, and delivery methods. A manufacturer should also be willing to share technical capabilities, certifications, and specifications they obtain or provide. Remember, a contract manufacturer’s goal should be to earn and keep your business, not momentarily win it.Some examples of other questions to consider:

How long has your business been a contract manufacturer?

What experience or certifications does your staff have?

How is your staff structured?

What types of facilities do you work with? Certifications?

Would it be possible for me to speak with an existing client?

What’s your track record and customer service like?

What do you as a manufacturer take pride in?

Throughout the quote process, a manufacturer and their staff should be willing to earn your business and trust through attentiveness, excellent customer service, and a willingness to help offer you and your customers the best product possible. By taking the time to find the right contract manufacturer of dietary supplements the first time around, you’re effectively laying the groundwork for a long-term business relationship. One that will play a major role in the success of your dietary supplement business.

GMP’s, Certifications, Specifications, And Business Operations

When it comes to compliance your first question should be their registration and certification. A manufacturer’s facilities, and any other facilities that they work with, should always be NSF registered and certified. Remember, along with being up-to-date with all of the nutraceutical industry’s GMPs (Current Good Manufacturing Practices – created by the FDA), the manufacturer should also be able to get your products the certifications that you want them to have. Depending on what type of supplement you’re looking to make and who you’re looking to make it for, there are a number of different certifications/specifications you might want to consider. Some of the most popular certifications include vegan/vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. Along with giving you all the information you need concerning certifications, industry best practices, and compliance, some contract manufacturers will even allow you to visit their facilities. Although these types of visits usually need to be scheduled in advance, they offer great insight on how their business and facilities are run. Finding the right contract manufacturer for your dietary supplement project may take time – and there is no shame in that. Ultimately, whichever contract manufacturer you chose to work with will be responsible for shaping your dietary supplement product and for shaping your experiences and understanding of the supplement manufacturing process – for better or for worse. At SolisLabs, we offer a cGMP compliant state of the art manufacturing facility that is dedicated to meet the highest standards of quality control. We have experience and have been fully trained in FDA compliant food and drug labeling rules, laws and regulations. It’s one of our most valuable services as a manufacturer. With our knowledge and expertise, we are here to help create a successful health supplement product for each of our clients. Our pricing and lead times are competitive within the industry. We strive to help reduce costs to our clients creating larger margins for your business while still providing top quality ingredients!

The Leading Contract Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements Is SolisLabs

SolisLabs is a cGMP recognized trusted leader in contract manufacturing for private label and Nutraceutical products, such as dietary supplements. We strive to provide the best customer service support, safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. We stand behind every product that leaves our facility while our clients count on high-quality products at cost-effective prices. We use cGMP compliant practices for our formulations of natural dietary supplements so that we can guarantee customer satisfaction.With years of manufacturing experience, we have been providing outstanding nutritional products that include liquids, powders and capsules for supplements. Quality supplements for detoxing the body, dietary needs, hair growth, joint pain relief, and supplements for skin health and many more. All dietary supplement products that leave our facility are inspected, tested and come with a Certificate of Analysis. If this doesn’t meet our clients’ specifications, we don’t ship until we have it right!

The Formulation Process Of Dietary Supplements And Other Nutriceuticals

Custom Formulations and Product Development is what we specialize in here at SolisLabs. We effectively formulate vitamins, natural dietary supplements and nutritional health supplement products for companies in the Nutraceutical industry. Our team of the expert chemists, scientists and pharmacists are ready to assist and partner with your company to produce your current formula or develop a unique formula from start to finish. We specialize in formulating dietary supplements, probiotic supplements, supplements for detoxification and colon cleanse, green powder supplements, organic protein powders, and many more. While of course delivering the highest quality and customer satisfaction possible.Our team adheres to cGMP compliance methodologies to ensure all formulas are manufactured at the highest quality while maximizing product effectiveness. We not only work with our clients to develop unique formulas but we strive to help enhance the quality control of our raw materials and active ingredients at every stage of production. By partnering with us at SolisLabs, you gain access to our formulas, including the private label formulas that we have specifically developed in-house. Whether you are looking to customize one of our private label products or starting from the beginning, our team of experts has the knowledge and capabilities to make it happen. We are here to meet our client’s requirements while providing the utmost quality you can trust.

Manufacturing Dietary Supplement Products – Capsules, Tablets And Powders

By choosing the right contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, you also ensure that you have many customizable options. When manufacturing capsules, tablets, and powders, you have the ability to choose the size, shapes, and colors of natural dietary supplements. At SolisLabs, we have experts that specialize in handling unique capsules and tablets. We support our customer’s business and brand, so we strive to make the high-quality top of the line finished products that are cost effective for your business.As a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, we develop a high quality of powders, flavors, and custom packaging. While some manufacturers don’t supply samples, we give each one of our clients an opportunity to sample a product flavor to make sure it fits their satisfaction. This is another reason we stand out in the marketplace. We take into consideration the current quality standards, as well as your custom formulation to deliver you top quality dietary supplement products. We offer our clients the finest raw materials available on the market while ensuring product quality and quick turnaround times.

About Our Liquid Dietary Supplement Products

At SolisLabs, we are committed to fulfilling your needs for liquid dietary supplement products. We bring our in-depth knowledge about supplement manufacturing to help you create a new range of custom liquid dietary supplement products in excellent flavors. Our unique liquid manufacturing services will help you in creating a high quality, custom liquid dietary supplement product. And that is all thanks to our combination of active ingredient concentrations, product stability, and consistency. It’s also important to know that we package in 1oz to 8oz bottles. If your dietary supplements need liquid filling don’t wait, we offer this service as your contract manufacturer of dietary supplements.

Private Label Dietary Supplement Products For Your Business

With SolisLabs, we want our clients to partner with a trusted contract manufacturer of dietary supplements. One that can help effectively brand their health supplement products to the market and stand out from the competition. Private label nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other health-related products are just some of many turnkey solutions we provide to our customers here at SolisLabs. We help clients create products that have a demand within the marketplace and are high in quality.We pride ourselves on the high-quality proven formulations of dietary supplement products, quality assurance testing, and label design and packaging. Our Research and Development team is staffed with highly educated formulators, chemists, and scientists. Experts in their perspective fields that have the knowledge to formulate only top quality products using top quality ingredients. As your contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, we can provide top quality private label products for your business.

Full Service Packaging And Labeling Of Dietary Supplements

SolisLabs offers full-service packaging and labeling of all dietary supplement products that we formulate because we understand the importance of presentation. We have designers and label printing experts that know the overall look and feel to launch a successful product. A contract manufacturer of dietary supplements that ensures products are well packed and labeled, increases their reliability among customers. The impact of a product will definitely be stronger partnered with a good packaging to enhance your dietary supplement brand.We handle label printing, application and even review the label in-house by our quality control experts to ensure the label meets FDA compliance. Make sure you exercise due diligence when selecting supplements to sell, and always disclose all the ingredients contained in your products. Let SolisLabs take your product packaging to the next level. Whether you are looking for a small or large packaging, we have options for you. SolisLabs teammates match the perfect containers such as bottles, jars, stick packs, sachets and display boxes for your dietary supplements. We have the capabilities to customize your perfect label and package to meet the demands of your customers.

SolisLabs For The Win As Your Contract Manufacturer Of Dietary

Supplements At SolisLabs, we ensure that all ingredients contained in our weight loss supplements are tested to be effective. We also manufacture these supplements as per custom specifications of our clients so that our clients can brand their products in the market with private label, building a unique business identity. While you partner with us for formulating dietary supplements, we make sure that you can choose the size, colors, and shapes as per your own exclusive needs.