Custom Formulations and Product Development is what we specialize in here at SolisLabs. We effectively formulate vitamins, natural dietary supplements and nutritional health supplement products for companies in the Nutraceutical industry. Our team of the expert chemists, scientists and pharmacists are ready to assist and partner with your company to produce your current formula or develop a unique formula from start to finish. We specialize in formulating probiotic supplements, supplements for detoxification, green powder supplements, colon cleanse supplements, organic protein powder and many more while delivering the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Our team adheres to cGMP compliance methodologies to ensure all formulas are manufactured at the highest quality while maximizing product effectiveness. We not only work with our clients to develop unique formulas but we strive to help enhance the quality control of our raw materials and active ingredients at every stage of production.

By partnering with us at SolisLabs, you gain access to our formulas, including the private label formulas that we have specifically developed in-house. Whether you are looking to customize one of our private label products or starting from the beginning, our team of experts has the knowledge and capabilities to make it happen. We are here to meet our client’s requirements while providing the utmost quality you can trust.