Custom Formulations

Custom Formulations

The members here at SolisLabs know the importance of creating something that one can be proud of. We want to help uplift companies in the Nutraceutical industry to create products that speak to who they are, and the impact they want to have on their communities. This is why we offer custom formulation manufacturing for your supplemental products in the following forms: capsule, powder, liquid, and tablet.

We have a strong group of expert scientists, chemists, and pharmacists that are available for your every need. Whether you are looking to enhance a formula already created, or need to start from the ground up, our team of individuals is prepared to help you develop a high-quality product. Here at SolisLabs, the safety/effectiveness of the products we create is one of our utmost priorities, which is why we adhere to cGMP compliance methodologies.

From start to finish, our team will ensure we are working with your vision in mind, and also ensuring precision in everything we create for you. When you choose to partner with SolisLabs, you get access to our private label formulas that are developed in-house to either guide and inspire you, or for your own customization. We offer the finest natural ingredients to create natural dietary supplements that take into consideration current quality standards. We have a team of individuals ready and eager to help you take that next step in your business endeavors and manufacture the supplement of your dreams!

Below, you will find a breakdown of the different forms of supplement manufacturing that we offer.

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