As health supplement product manufactures, we provide turnkey solutions to nutraceutical industries which are striving to supply the highest quality nutritional products to their customers. Our advanced formulation methodologies are proven to produce high-quality unique formulas to meet your needs and produce your formula within required standards of quality control. Our manufacturing and formulations services feature Health Supplement Products like probiotic dietary supplement, MCT oil supplement, hair growth supplements, green coffee bean supplement, turmeric curcumin supplement, ketogenic diet supplements and many more. Our other services include liquid nutritional manufacturing, packaging and labeling and private labeling. To get to know that how we can help you out with your custom supplement needs, read on!


Custom Formulations and Product Development is what we specialize in here at SolisLabs. We effectively formulate vitamins, natural dietary supplements and nutritional health supplement products for companies in the Nutraceutical industry. Our team of the expert chemists, scientists and pharmacists are ready to assist and partner with your company to produce your current formula or develop a unique formula from start to finish. We specialize in formulating probiotic supplements, supplements for detoxification, green powder supplements, colon cleanse supplements, organic protein powder and many more while delivering the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Our team adheres to cGMP compliance methodologies to ensure all formulas are manufactured at the highest quality while maximizing product effectiveness. We not only work with our clients to develop unique formulas but we strive to help enhance the quality control of our raw materials and active ingredients at every stage of production.

By partnering with us at SolisLabs, you gain access to our formulas, including the private label formulas that we have specifically developed in-house. Whether you are looking to customize one of our private label products or starting from the beginning, our team of experts has the knowledge and capabilities to make it happen. We are here to meet our client’s requirements while providing the utmost quality you can trust.


We want our clients to partner with a trusted manufacturer that can help effectively brand their health supplement products to the market to stand out from the competition. Private label nutritional supplements, vitamins and other health-related products are just some of many turnkey solutions we provide to our customers here at SolisLabs. We help clients create products that have a demand within the marketplace and are high in quality.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality proven formulations of dietary supplement products, quality assurance testing and label design and packaging. Our Research and Development team is staffed with highly educated formulators, chemist and scientists that provide the expertise and knowledge to formulate only top quality products using top quality ingredients. Our health supplement products range from natural probiotics supplements, MCT oil supplement and hair growth supplements to colon cleanse supplement, natural male enlargement supplement and garcinia cambogia supplement.

We have a solution to help you keep growing your brand regardless of the size. Whether you are a small or large company, we can help. Contact us today to see what we can offer. Partner with a trusted leader in the nutraceuticals industry, Solislabs.


We know when it comes to manufacturing health supplement products you have many options. SolisLabs understands how to execute capsules, tablets and powder manufacturing. Not only do you have the ability to choose the size, but you can decide on shapes and colors of natural dietary supplements. We have experts that specialize in handling unique capsules and tablets.

We support our customers business and brand, so we strive to make the high-quality top of the line capsules, tablets and powders that are cost effective for your company.

We develop a high quality of powders, with flavors and custom packaging. While some manufacturers don’t supply samples, we give each one of our clients an opportunity to sample a product flavor to make sure it fits their satisfaction. Looking for the standard vanilla and chocolate flavor? We have it! Wanting a little more unique flavor such as strawberry, cookies and cream or blueberry?  This is another reason we stand out in the marketplace. We take into consideration the current quality standards, as well as your custom formulation to deliver you top quality supplement products such as organic protein powder, supplements for skin health, probiotic food supplement, liver detoxification supplements, cod liver oil capsules and collagen stick packs.

We offer our clients the finest raw materials available on the market while ensuring product quality and quick turnaround times. Looking for your next manufacturer, look no further – let us show you how we can support you here at SolisLabs.


We are committed to fulfilling your needs for liquid health supplement products. We bring our in-depth knowledge about supplement manufacturing to help you create a new range of custom liquid dietary supplement products in excellent flavors. Our unique liquid manufacturing services will help you in creating a high quality, custom liquid supplement product with our combination of active ingredient concentration, product stability, and consistency.

We package in 1oz to 8oz bottles. Not only can we manufacture liquids, but we now offer an incredible line of skin care items ranging from anti-aging creams, serums, cellulite creams, shampoo and conditioners. Need liquid filling don’t wait, contact us today!


We offer full-service packaging and labeling of all health supplement products that we formulate because we know it’s all about presentation. We have designers and label printing experts that know the overall look and feel to launch a successful product. Not just the quality of our powders, capsules and tablets are good but we know how to get dietary supplement products well packed and well labeled to increase their reliability among customers. The impact of a product will definitely be stronger with a good packaging to enhance your brand.

We handle label printing, application and even review the label in-house by our quality control experts to ensure the label meets FDA compliance. Whether you are looking for a small or large packaging, we have options for you. You can choose our supplements such as Probiotic Food Supplement, Colon Cleanse Supplement and MCT Oil Supplement and can get them the perfect containers such as bottles, jars, stick packs, sachets and display boxes.

Let SolisLabs take your product packaging to the next level. We have the capabilities to customize your perfect label and package to meet the demands of your customers.

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