The members here at SolisLabs know the importance of creating something that one can be proud of. We want to help uplift companies in the Nutraceutical industry to create products that speak to who they are, and the impact they want to have on their communities. This is why we offer custom formulation manufacturing for your supplemental products in the following forms: capsule, powder, liquid, and tablet.

We have a strong group of expert scientists, chemists, and pharmacists that are available for your every need. Whether you are looking to enhance a formula already created, or need to start from the ground up, our team of individuals is prepared to help you develop a high-quality product. Here at SolisLabs, the safety/effectiveness of the products we create is one of our utmost priorities, which is why we adhere to cGMP compliance methodologies.

From start to finish, our team will ensure we are working with your vision in mind, and also ensuring precision in everything we create for you. When you choose to partner with SolisLabs, you get access to our private label formulas that are developed in-house to either guide and inspire you, or for your own customization. We offer the finest natural ingredients to create natural dietary supplements that take into consideration current quality standards. We have a team of individuals ready and eager to help you take that next step in your business endeavors and manufacture the supplement of your dreams!

Below, you will find a breakdown of the different forms of supplement manufacturing that we offer.


A capsule is one of the most common forms of a supplement. Capsules tend to provide higher levels of active ingredients, and can survive a long life period. SolisLabs works hard to manufacture capsule supplements that are uniform, consistent, and precise. Not only do you have the chance to bring your supplement to life, but you can personalize your form of supplement by choosing a specific color that embodies your company. Capsules also offer the benefit of being tasteless and durable, so depending on your company’s preferences capsule supplements might be the right path for you. Our team of manufacturing individuals are more than happy to help guide you in the right direction and make the capsule of your dreams!


If your team is looking for a product that offers both substance and convenience, then powder supplement manufacturing is the route for you! Powder supplements offer the flexibility of allowing your customers to consume the product mixed with water or other liquids. This can be a great selling point depending on the type of product you are looking to produce. Powders can also be customized in terms of flavor and custom packaging, which is a great way to add more personalization to the product. We also provide samples in order to develop a flavor that speaks to you! The SolisLabs manufacturing team is ready to guide you in the process of choosing which method of manufacturing works best for you!


Similarly to powders, liquid supplements are great in terms of convenience. With the ingredients already mixed into a liquid, the consumer will have to contribute little to no effort to get their daily intake of support. We have a team of members that are committed to ensuring you are getting the highest quality liquid supplement production that incorporates active ingredient concentrations and maintains authenticity. Liquid supplements are offered in 1oz and 8oz bottles to allow versatility, depending on what your company is looking for!


Tablet supplements tend to have a longer shelf life, which can be a plus for those companies that want to input a large amount of their supplement into one container. They also are great to take into consideration if your customers tend to live a lifestyle on-the-go, as they offer flexibility when it comes to transporting from place-to-place. We also offer customization tools for your tablet manufacturing such as color and shape personalization. The SolisLabs manufacturing team works hard to ensure your tablet supplements contain all the ingredients your team is looking for, while also maintaining precision and a pleasant aesthetic.


In addition to supplements, we also offer skin care and beauty care manufacturing. Our line of potential products consist of anti-aging creams, serums, cellulite creams, shampoo, and conditioners. Due to the nature of skin care and beauty care products, we ensure that our team is there to guide you every step of the way so that safety, effectiveness, accuracy, and precision are all upheld to the highest standard. There is no reason why anyone should settle when it comes to the products they envision. SolisLabs is here to ensure your expectations are met and surpassed!

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