Marketing and Branding


Here at SolisLabs, we know how important branding is. A great product can stand on its own, but with the right branding and marketing, it will shine to the masses! That is why we have an in-house team of experts that can help you to create something that really embodies your company and your mission!


We understand the importance of having a label design that speaks to your company and that will stand out to your customers. We have experts in both label printing and designing that understand what kind of design it takes to thrive in the ever-changing market. Labeling not only requires a keen eye, but consistency and reliability that will allow your customers to feel confident when purchasing your product. We follow FDA compliance with all of our procedures, and labeling is no different. SolisLabs will take care of the entire labeling process from the beginning to end, so that your team can rest easy at night knowing your product will stand out in stores.


Our team prides itself on being design experts who can curate a personalized logo for your company that will help to foster brand loyalty and that will make a strong first impression on your customers. In this day and age, it can become challenging to grab the attention of consumers looking for the hottest new product. However, with our customizable logo design process, you can feel assured that your product will have both a professional yet unique logo to uplift not only your product, but your company into the spotlight.


Packaging is not just a way to ensure your product has a safe and durable way to be transported, but it is a canvas that has the ability to promote both your new product and your company beyond its limits! SolisLabs has several different packaging styles to offer you to fit your specific needs. These packaging styles include jars, bottles, stick packets, display boxes, and sachets. Your packaging offers a chance for you to communicate to your customers what your brand stands for and how this product will transform their life. With your company’s vision and the help of our design team, we can create something that your team can be proud of.


Developing a brand that maintains an authenticity to it throughout all of your products and marketing strategies is a vital part to success. For those who need assistance in formulating a brand strategy, we have a team of expert marketing individuals that are happy to help you reach those brand goals. In order for a product to thrive, the brand of the company must be upheld throughout the entire process. The formulation process will require detail and consistency. SolisLabs is ready to take your company to the next level by helping you show the world what your company is about through our formulation assistance process!


Not only do we want to help you develop a product that you can be proud of, but we want to give you access to the resources that can help your company shine far beyond our time together. Our marketing courses provide you with the tools you need to have your company excel. By taking our marketing courses, you will become extremely knowledgeable in marketing tactics that can increase your company’s audience, your brand loyalty, and help you to make positive decisions for the future of your company! Help us help you create a strong marketing foundation to bring a multitude of successes to your company.


Are you looking to build a long-term relationship with a reliable dietary supplement product manufacturer? We would love to hear from you! Be sure to let us know by using any of the contact methods below. We are a leading cGMP recognized manufacturer that provides custom formulations for various capsules, powders, liquids and tablets within the Nutraceutical space.

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