Top Selling Dietary Supplements on Amazon and the Monthly Revenues They Rack In

April 1, 2017by wpadmin0

Amazon is the king of innovation, and a market changer for dietary supplement vendors. The powerhouse attracts buyers and sellers from hundreds of countries, enchanted by millions of products. As an Amazon seller (or an aspiring vendor), you aim to partner with a trusted manufacturer that can help effectively brand their health supplement products to the market and differentiate from the competition.

In 2018 Amazon accounted for nearly half, 49.1% to be exact, of all online purchases in the US with retail sales topping over $260 billion, as reported by TechCrunch. With Amazon being the top retailer for custom and private label supplements, we researched the best of the best – hoping to gain some insights into the top selling products and the monthly revenues for each.

Top Selling Dietary Supplements on Amazon

  1. Hydrolyzed collagen – $658,319.52

  2. Collagen Powder – $444,270.78

  3. Probiotics- monthly revenue $409,389.68

  4. Fat Burning- monthly $393,151.19

  5. Hair Supplement (biotin) – $385,271.52

  6. Workout Supplements for Men – $365,527.29

  7. Joint Supplements for Women – $352,584.13

  8. Whey Protein – $347,463.25

  9. Protein Supplement for men – $304,804.56

  10. Turmeric – $297,346.48

  11. Eye Health – $264,824.45

  12. Magnesium – $184,178.01

  13. Colon/Prostate Health – $166,741.31

  14. Elderberry – $106,153.07

Do these numbers makes you excited? Topping the charts of Amazon is more attainable than you’d think.

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