Must Read for Natural Dietary Supplement Vendors! – Here are the Most Used Supplements in America Right Now!

April 1, 2017by wpadmin0

Are you somebody planning to start out a natural dietary supplement company? Or, are you someone looking to know most-used supplement products? Yes? Great! We are going to talk about a recent survey that shows the most popular supplements and also the increase in the use of certain health supplements by the people of America. This information, therefore, can help ramp up profit for supplement vendors.


What are the Most Popular Natural Dietary Supplements?

Despite a slight decline in their intake, Fish oil supplements and multivitamins are two most popular supplements among the folks. This popularity indicates that people have received considerable health benefits from these supplements. Fish oil supplements help treat inflammation and diseases related to inflammation. Multivitamins are also beneficial for overall wellness.  While multivitamins are consumed by 60.2 percent of people, 65.6 percent of people are those who take fish oil supplements.

Natural Probiotics Supplement has Increased in Use

The survey shows that the use of natural probiotics supplement has increased to 40.2 percent from 37.8 percent last year. The health benefits of this supplement include increased metabolism rate, healthy gut, and better digestive tract and many more. Selling natural probiotic supplement can be a good idea as it helps treat bowel related problems which are common among people. Its rich health properties and good bacteria can help improve wellness.

Other Supplements That have Increased in Use

Apart from Probiotics supplements, the use of CoQ10, vitamin D and B vitamins has also been ramped up.  Another notable supplement is magnesium, the use of which is jumped to 43.1 percent from 38.1 percent last year.

Final Word – Matching the production of health supplements according to their existing demand can help you channelize your profits. There could be a little up and down in the demand and use of health supplements from time to time.

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