How to Start a Successful Supplements Brand on Amazon

April 1, 2017by BoldThemes0

If you’re looking for a way to expand or start a supplements business, there is no better place to reach a larger market than Amazon! Here are some keys to success that will allow your product to stand out, and be well received by customers on Amazon.

Have Clear Explanation of What Your Supplement Does

There is almost nothing more important to a buyer than knowing what the product they’re buying will do! Be clear with your description of what your supplement is made to do, and also what you’re putting in your supplement. Explaining flavors, health benefits, how the product is used, and showing customer reviews, can greatly increase the chances your product is bought and successful.

Variety Is Important!

Even if you have the most incredible supplement, many buyers will look elsewhere if it’s not available in a form they prefer. It’s a good idea to try to sell a variety of flavors and supplement types (gummies, pills, powder), if you’re selling an edible product. If you’re selling a cream supplement it may be good to try different scents that would appeal to a wider variety of Amazon customers.

Packaging Can be a Game-changer

Having a great product is a fantastic start to having a successful supplement brand; however, having a great brand along with a great product is what is guaranteed to bring you success. Having unique and eye-catching packaging, product names, and logos, can bring in exponentially more customers than solely your supplement, and can be difference-maker in what makes your product more successful than other sellers on Amazon.


Quality Control

Knowing that what you’re selling to your customers is up to top standards every time it’s sold is what will ensure your product’s selling longevity and customer satisfaction. Make sure that you know what you’re putting into your product is what you are telling your customers and that you know the product will work, be safe, and will impress your customers every time they buy from you. Low quality products will quickly lose you customers and may lead to low reviews for your product which will greatly hinder further sales.

Have Great Customer Service

The last tip to having a successful supplement brand on Amazon, is to remember to always give the best customer service possible. Many customers will have questions about the product; making sure you quickly reply to questions and are helpful in your responses, will greatly increase your chances of sales and generate great customer reviews of your products. Trying promotions especially when the product is first launched can be a great way to grab new customers. Most importantly, make sure to treat all customer concerns with care and make sure every customer feels they have had the best experience possible with your company from every sale.

Following these guidelines will ensure your product stands out, and is loved by customers throughout your successful time on Amazon!

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