All cGMP Manufacturers are not created equal.

April 1, 2017by wpadmin0

Sight, touch and smell alone don’t ensure that the dietary supplements are safe and effective.

The nutraceutical industry is growing enormously because the supplement products have been shown beneficial for many health problems. The health benefits achieved from products such as coconut oil dietary supplement, probiotic dietary supplement, and green powder supplement are numerous. But the effectiveness of these products goes hand in hand with the manufacturing practices used for production. They are at the core to determine the quality of these supplement products.
Here is when cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) busts the confusion regarding quality needs during the manufacturing and production processes of supplement products. In this post, we are going to dust off the picture of how cGMP works.

What exactly is cGMP?

Those who are very new to the industry must understand what exactly cGMP means. It is a regulation enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that assure the purity, strength, quality, and identity of drug products including dietary supplements. When a supplement or drug manufacturer performs the necessary processes to formulate the drugs or supplements, he has to incorporate the cGMPs throughout. It only happens if the manufacturer is cGMP recognized trusted leader.In order to comply with cGMP, the manufacturer has to establish a quality management system which adequately controls manufacturing practices and operations. Consequently, it becomes the responsibility of manufacturers to obtain high-quality raw materials and maintain reliable testing laboratories.

Members of the team ensuring the quality of our customer’s products is the best.

The Impacts of cGMP – How is it important?

The cGMP-compliant manufactures make sure that contamination, mix-ups, errors, and deviations don’t take place during the formulation processes. By adhering to the practices of FDA regulations, they maintain the benchmark of high-quality health supplement products such as coconut oil dietarysupplement and weight loss supplements. Additionally, the manufacturers are encouraged to follow modern technologies, methodologies and innovative practice. The “C” in CGMP stands for “current,” necessitating companies to use systems that are up-to-date.

Looking for a cGMP dietary supplement manufacturer?

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