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Best Supplements for Athletes

  • By Sarah
  • Published March 15, 2020
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Athletes are individuals who require a lot of energy while exercising and in competitions. The body often struggles to adequately produce the necessary energy for consumption. As an athlete, you need to supplement your diet with rich nutrients that will ensure your level of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is adequate.

Why use supplements?

Maintaining a healthy body like an athlete can be a difficult task as you are prone to regular injuries and possibly bone fractures. Additionally, you need to maintain a flexible and strong body structure. You can achieve this by shedding off unwanted fat, building stronger muscles, and ensuring you have a robust immune system.

Supplements are designed to offer additional nutrients in your body. They can achieve that by boosting your immune system, strengthening your body, aiding in building muscles, among other uses.

What are the best supplements for you as an athlete?


Creatine is often found as a phosphate extract. Once you consume creatine, it helps to build up more ATP in the body. ATP is useful in providing energy that is essential in all muscle contractions. Creatine is found in various forms such as powder, bars, and drink mixes.

Uses of creatine

  • Helps in improving strength
  • The best supplement to build lean muscle
  • Helps in quicker muscle recovery
  • Helps to build more strength in the long run


Probiotics are supplements, but often they are found as yeasts and live bacteria. You can get probiotics from foods such as yoghurt, kefir, etc.

Although probiotics are majorly known for their use to maintain a healthy digestive tract, they are also important for athletes. You, as an athlete, need this type of supplement to facilitate quick recovery from fatigue, healthy bones, and a healthy heart. Additionally, it also boosts your immune function too.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is an essential nutrient since it has anti-inflammatory compounds. During vigorous exercises, the body tends to produce a lot of inflammatory substances. Omega 3 helps to reduce the inflammation. It is also useful in relieving pain in joints. People with arthritis can use this compound to reduce pain in their bones and be able to exercise.

Additionally, it also helps clear away any cholesterol in blood vessels. This is very useful for athletes as it will prevent any abnormal functioning of the heart. This will make it easier for the heart to send an adequate amount of oxygen to all muscles in the body. 

Omega 3 also assists athletes in staying alert. Mental alertness is very crucial in exercising athletes to help them maintain focus during competitions and make quick decisions in any activity.

Bottom Line

Supplementing your body with the above substances is very useful in your body as an athlete. You can also consider other compounds such as; iron, magnesium, and protein.

Which Vitamins Can Improve Digestion?

  • By Sarah
  • Published December 20, 2019
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Not only are they advertised on popular sports drinks, but by our own mothers and acquaintances, too! Vitamins are an essential part of maintaining good health, and they can be found in many variations – whether it be leafy greens or probiotics in a bottle, they sure are good for you!

We hear about the importance of eating healthy all the time, but what is the real reason for this? Is there simply a surplus of broccoli in the market, or is there an actual benefit to looking into what we put in our bodies?

Maintaining good gut health is essential to living a long and fulfilling lives. A healthy gut means better digestion, and better digestion means a healthier body!

The formula sounds rather simple, but due to the insane amount of information and vitamins out there, it can be hard to narrow it down to the key essentials. So, which vitamins can improve digestion?

Vitamin B

You’ve probably heard of Vitamin B at least once in your life, but here’s a little fun fact: it’s not a single nutrient that improves digestion – it’s a great number of different vitamins that are all categorized into one! They are necessary for many different functions, including a healthy liver, healthy skin and clean hormone production, amongst many others.

Are you ready to meet some of the all-mighty Vitamin B’s?

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Vitamin B2 is crucial for your body to be able to convert protein, fats and carbohydrates into energy. It does so by breaking down the stated nutrients into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which produces energy as the body requires it.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, Vitamin B2 is commonly found in broccoli, dairy products, eggs, nuts, leafy vegetables and whole grains – while also present in certain variations of mushrooms, soybeans and brussel sprouts.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Vitamin B3 is another vitamin that improves digestion, but it’s also widely known to be of help producing good HDL cholesterol in the body, as well as getting bad cholesterol away from the arteries and into the liver, where it is then secreted into the form of bile.

It can be found in meat, fish, milk, eggs, grains and leafy vegetables. It is necessary for many body functions, including that of the skin, digestive and nervous system.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

With a similar function to that of Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5 helps convert the food you eat into energy.

It is easy to find in your day-to-day life, as it is quite common across various food groups.

Vitamin B5 can be found in most vegetables, such as whole-grain foods, broccoli, cabbage, along with foods like mushrooms, nuts, beans, meats, dairy products, and many other regular foods we consume on a daily basis.


Vitamin B, in correlation with other compounds of the body, is an easy vitamin to obtain, but is normally ignored despite being necessary to maintain one’s health.

Instead of grabbing that box of mac and cheese the next time you’re making dinner, remember this article and do your digestive system a favor!

After all, it is the thing keeping you alive and healthy.

Top Supplements for Brain Health

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  • Published November 12, 2019
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Researchers have found that certain brain supplements can positively affect the brain. Beneficial effects of the brain could be an improvement in cognitive skills and memory, among others. There are mixed opinions on whether brain supplements really are effective or not. However, there are a couple that have been extensively researched and agreed upon to be healthy for the brain.

Fish Oils

Fish oils include fatty omega-3 oils. DHA and EPA are two fatty omega-3 oils in fish oil. Fish oil is a natural oil extracted from fish. Fish oil is used for many causes revolving around health including eye improvement, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and much more. The function and structure of the brain strongly involve DHA which plays a vital role in total fat and omega-3 fat in the cells of the brain. EPA might improve moods in people with depression. DHA supplement has been paired with improvements including thinking, memory, and reaction skills.


Caffeine is a very popular substance that most people are familiar with. Caffeine is included in our sugar drinks, coffee, and teas. Caffeine can be easily taken as a supplement. Many people also like the effects it has on the brain through drinks like coffee. Caffeine can boost the energy of the brain and give it a kick. Besides an energy boost, other beneficial side effects include improved reaction, memory and brain function.


It is possible that phosphatidylserine can be beneficial. Phosphatidylserine is a compound of fat that can be located in the brain. This supplement is said to positively affect and preserve brain health. People who have taken the supplement have experienced improved thinking skills along with improvement in memory.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a supplement that is herbal. Ginkgo biloba is very popular and has many uses for the human body. The herb is widely used among herbalists and naturopaths. The supplement can increase blood flow to the brain and aid with memory and focus.


Creatine is a well-known supplement. The substance creatine is naturally located and found in the body. Creatine can be located in foods such as fish, red meat, and eggs. People that live on a vegetarian diet are deficient in creatine and the supplement can help with thinking skills and memory.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is an herb used in traditional healing and medicine. Healthy people and elderly people can be positively affected by the supplement with functions such as memory and thinking skills. It is recommended for people who have declining brain function.

It is important to truly understand and research what you are putting into your body so always take time to see what works for your situation and your body.

How to Start An Online Supplements Brand

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  • Published November 12, 2019
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Health is a very important subject to most people, and an easy way to help stay healthy is to take supplements. Maybe health and fitness is something you’re passionate about, and you want to start your own brand, and with these steps you can.

Identify Your Product

  • When you’re starting a supplement brand, the first thing you need to do is identify is what supplements you would like to sell and what for. It could be for heart health, weight loss, memory, joints, pain etc.

Research Your Product and Your Market

  • Research your product and the demand for it, it could be something that is very popular, or it could be something that is a bit under the radar and not as popular yet.
  • Research the ingredients that go into your product, look up the pros and cons of each to ensure that is safe for consumption for your customers.

Find a Manufacturer

Finding a manufacturer is a very important thing to help you produce your supplements, if you are new to the industry it can be a bit challenging to do, but with some research it is not impossible.

  • Look at reviews, researching the reviews and reputation for a manufacturer is a big step to see how reliable they are.
  • Sometimes manufacturers can be a bit overpriced so make sure to compare prices, so you get the best deal as possible.
  • Ensure that your manufacturer is also NSF certified, the certification is something that confirms that the building in which they produce the products are clean and in good order and condition, therefore enduring regular inspections.

If you’re looking for a great manufacturer that produces a variety of different high quality supplements at a great price, our company SolisLabs is a great place for all of that.


  • Check out your competition, the health industry can be highly competitive and a lot of companies can produce similar things. A great thing is to establish yourself and your brand and what makes you different so that you can stand out.
  • Establish the pros and cons of your company vs. the competitors, it could be price, side effects, certain deals and discounts that your provide that competitors don’t such as free shipping etc.
  • A great way to promote your brand is to start a social media page, reach out to some popular influencers on the platform, and set up a sponsorship. Lots of YouTuber influencers, and Instagram influencers already have a large fan base and if they test out your product and show the results, with just a few posts you could be seeing great amounts of traffic.

We hope these tips provide you with a more clear idea on starting an online supplements brand. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to learn more!

How to Start a Successful Supplements Brand on Amazon

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  • Published November 12, 2019
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If you’re looking for a way to expand or start a supplements business, there is no better place to reach a larger market than Amazon! Here are some keys to success that will allow your product to stand out, and be well received by customers on Amazon.

Have Clear Explanation of What Your Supplement Does

There is almost nothing more important to a buyer than knowing what the product they’re buying will do! Be clear with your description of what your supplement is made to do, and also what you’re putting in your supplement. Explaining flavors, health benefits, how the product is used, and showing customer reviews, can greatly increase the chances your product is bought and successful.

Variety Is Important!

Even if you have the most incredible supplement, many buyers will look elsewhere if it’s not available in a form they prefer. It’s a good idea to try to sell a variety of flavors and supplement types (gummies, pills, powder), if you’re selling an edible product. If you’re selling a cream supplement it may be good to try different scents that would appeal to a wider variety of Amazon customers.

Packaging Can be a Game-changer

Having a great product is a fantastic start to having a successful supplement brand; however, having a great brand along with a great product is what is guaranteed to bring you success. Having unique and eye-catching packaging, product names, and logos, can bring in exponentially more customers than solely your supplement, and can be difference-maker in what makes your product more successful than other sellers on Amazon.

Quality Control

Knowing that what you’re selling to your customers is up to top standards every time it’s sold is what will ensure your product’s selling longevity and customer satisfaction. Make sure that you know what you’re putting into your product is what you are telling your customers and that you know the product will work, be safe, and will impress your customers every time they buy from you. Low quality products will quickly lose you customers and may lead to low reviews for your product which will greatly hinder further sales.

Have Great Customer Service

The last tip to having a successful supplement brand on Amazon, is to remember to always give the best customer service possible. Many customers will have questions about the product; making sure you quickly reply to questions and are helpful in your responses, will greatly increase your chances of sales and generate great customer reviews of your products. Trying promotions especially when the product is first launched can be a great way to grab new customers. Most importantly, make sure to treat all customer concerns with care and make sure every customer feels they have had the best experience possible with your company from every sale. 

Following these guidelines will ensure your product stands out, and is loved by customers throughout your successful time on Amazon!

SolisLabs Capabilities, Processes & More

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  • Published September 13, 2019
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SolisLabs is an industry-leading Custom Formulation and Private Label Manufacturer of Vitamins and Nutraceutical Supplements.

As a certified supplement manufacturer, we lead the way with turnkey solutions, producing premium quality products with competitive pricing, fast turnarounds, spot-on quality control, and the utmost customer satisfaction. 

We are a state of the art 70,000+ sq ft. manufacturing facility dedicated to meeting the highest standards of quality control. We are cGMP, FDA, and USDA compliant, and have experience and training in the FDA compliant food and drug labeling rules, laws and regulations, providing this service to each of our clients for added value. 

With hundreds of different high quality formulations and private label dietary supplements and products in house, SolisLabs encompasses all of your company’s needs, helping you build, grow, and expand your business. 

We Serve Clients Worldwide

SolisLabs provides the following services:

  • In House Nutraceutical Manufacturer
    • All of our manufacturing is done in-house, providing better flexibility, improved quality, control of production, logistics, and support.
  • Custom Formulation
    • Whether you are looking to build a custom pre-workout powder, a CBD product or create a new detox product line supplement, SolisLabs’ in-house team of formulators can help you work through the process.
  • Private Labeling & Branding
    • Private labeling builds brand awareness and loyalty, leading your business to higher profits. Our detailed graphic designers can work with you to create custom supplement labeling that will attract your audience.
  • Marketing & Distribution Support with Global Fulfillment
    • Solislabs has industry expertise in sourcing the highest quality material globally. We are reputable in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, producing and fulfilling a predictable supply of premium ingredients. 


  • Capsules, Tablets and Softgels
    • Our capsules, tablets, caplets, and softgels come in various sizes, colors, and flavors. You have the ability to choose bottle sizes to suit your products’ needs. 
  • Gummies
    • We believe fruit gummies should be made with real fruit flavors! Our delicious, all-natural gummies are packaged in a multi-fruit assortment of flavors, and do not contain any artificial sweeteners. 
  • Powder, stick packs, and Blister packs
    • We develop a high quality of organic powders, stick packs and blister packs with flavor machines and custom packaging. While some manufacturers don’t supply samples, we give each one of our clients an opportunity to sample a product flavor, ensuring it suits their satisfaction. We stand apart from our competitors by providing flavors in vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, blueberry, and more! 

We support our customers business and brand, and strive to make premium, top of the line products at value pricing.

Liquids and Creams

We are committed to fulfilling your needs as an industry leading liquid contract manufacturer. We bring our in-depth knowledge about supplement manufacturing to help you create a new range of custom liquid dietary supplement products in amazing flavors. We package up to 32oz bottles.

Not only can we manufacture liquids, but we also offer an incredible line of skin care items ranging from anti-aging creams, serums, cellulite creams, shampoo and conditioners.

Our Process


We begin our relationship with clients during the consultations. This discovery phase helps us understand your vision, turning your supplement branding dreams into reality. From product and formulation, to bottle size and flavor, we work with our clients and provide competitive pricing. 


Our facility is over 70,000 sq ft. and maintains both temperature and humidity at levels that maximize stability and the integrity of your brand. Our manufacturing plant consists of over 240 cross trained and OSHA trained-certified employees, dedicated to upholding the highest quality control for our clients’ products. 


Our team of expert chemists, scientists and pharmacists are ready to assist and partner with your company to produce an existing formula or develop a unique formula from start to finish. 

Our team adheres to cGMP compliance methodologies to ensure all formulas are manufactured at the highest quality while maximizing product effectiveness. We not only work with our clients to develop unique formulas but we strive to help enhance the quality control of our raw materials and active ingredients at every stage of production. 

By partnering with SolisLabs, you gain access to our formulas, including the white label formulas that we have specifically developed in-house. 

Blending, Encapsulating, Bottling

Our facility houses state of the art mixing blenders with the capability of mixing our raw ingredients within minutes, while our encapsulating machines provide us flexible and timely production output. 

SolisLabs’ bottling process allows us to bottle up 150,000 to 200,000 bottles per shift. As an industry leader, our customers can also choose from over 200 different combinations of bottling options. This can help you create that unique look and feel to help your private label supplement stand apart from your competition, helping you grow your own brand.

Packaging And Labeling

We offer full-service packaging and labeling of dietary supplement products. We have graphic designers and label printing experts that understand what the overall look and feel must be to launch a successful product. Brand loyalty and awareness is tied not only to the quality of your ingredients but the packaging and aesthetics, and we provide designs that stand out from the rest. 

We handle label printing (ex. matte, high gloss, etc.), application and even review the label in-house by our quality control experts to ensure the label meets FDA compliance. Whether you are looking for a small or large package, we have options for you.

Our design services include logo, label, and package creation for your unique dietary supplement business. In addition, all packaging components, labels, labor, and GMP required testing is included in quote and will be provided by SolisLabs. 

Quality Control

At SolisLabs’ we strive for the highest quality products. With the expertise of our Regulatory Compliance Specialists, we conduct the following Third Party extensive product testing analysis for pathogens:

  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Micro Testing
  • Finished Product Testing
  • Identity Testing
  • Stability Testing for Shelf Life

Each vendor that we work with is thoroughly vetted prior to becoming an approved supplier. We understand that your product is a direct reflection of your business, and provide transparent product sourcing and production throughout the development and manufacturing process

Every product manufactured also receives a Certificate of Analysis that clients have access to at any time.


Whether you’re a new or seasoned brand, delivering your companies supplements to your customers on time can be a hassle. SolisLabs will help ensure each of our customers have the ability to fulfill their orders in a timely manner. Our product forecasting is based on actual historical data that will guide our clients to success. 

We fulfill shipping orders within the scheduled time period designated by our clients and guaranteed stock of each product to fulfill our clients’ desired quantity.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Contact us today for a consultation!

Boost Your Private Label Product Sales with These 5 Marketing Tips

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  • Published August 30, 2019
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Not getting enough sales on you private label supplements? Does your product outshine your competitors, but not sure how to market it correctly?

A lot of private label products have come and gone but there are those that have made a mark in the industry. Not only because they offer better quality products than most supplement competitors out there, but they also appeal more to the targeted audiences. The secret lies in how to position these products to resonate with your audience and create loyalty to your products and your brand. 

If you’re products are ready to launch, or have been ready for quite some time now, but you aren’t quite sure on how to successfully market them, here are a few tips that can help you hit the ground running.  

Define your Brand Cornerstone

Ensure that your brand packaging and logo is unique and attracts your target market. Selling private label supplements manufactured by SolisLabs will set you apart from your competitors and encourage brand loyalty. Always ask yourself- what kind of message do I want my brand to convey? Do I want to appeal to a certain lifestyle, a mindset or a goal? Always strategically think and plan out why your products the best, and the value you offers that others don’t. 

The Importance of Social Media

Social Media platforms are the ultimate way to kick off your brand and create brand awareness. Most supplement companies launch on social media platforms, especially on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Launch a successful marketing campaign by the use of Facebook Likes and Instagram hashtags to create brand credibility online. We strongly suggest you also invest in Paid Ads so that your brand is visible to your targeted audience.

Follow influencers and bloggers, and actively engage on social media. You can create a series of posts, following specific themes and post them on peak days and hours for your targeted audience, as well as creating holiday posts and relate them to your brand. This leads us to #3.

Be Responsive and Engaging

A strong online presence requires a high responsiveness rate and close engagement with your audience. To do this efficiently, establish an engagement process on how you and/or your team responds to questions, comments and inquiries online. Great customer service is a must and will boost brand loyalty as nothing turns off a potential customer than a non-responsive chat support system or unanswered calls. 

Make sure you respond to all comments and thank them for being a loyal customer (or interested in your product). If you can’t get to your inquiries on time, set an automated chat bot to make sure that the initial engagement with a potential customer happens. 

Be Consistent

The secret here? Plan, plan and plan. Map out a 3 to 6 month marketing campaign for your products, and be prepared to make adjustments as you go along. Being consistent on marketing campaigns allows you to foresee any hiccups along the way, and allows you to be more creative. 

More ways to make your marketing plan consistent: 

  • Establish specific timelines and goals on your content calendar
  • Meet with your staff and support team regularly to align the team goals or if you work alone
  • Create a roadmap as to where you want to be in 3, 6 or 12 months, 
  • Work on those goals alongside your marketing plan. 

The Power of Analytics

Take advantage of business intelligence tools on your platform’s back end. Whether its on your website or Facebook page, run analytics on a weekly basis to get a feel of how your product line and engagement perform online. A lot of actionable insights are found in these analytics reports, which allow you to consistently adjust to the demands of your audience.

Even if you’re brand is performing well, analytics can also provide foresight on how you can further improve and expand your online presence. You can discover some marketing channels that you have not thought of exploring before, audiences and other target niches that were right under your nose the whole time.

Believe in your product and see the results with a solid marketing plan.

A strategic marketing campaign runs by itself literally, when you are confident that your product doesn’t compromise quality. Not all private labels are created equal, but with the right mindset and a strategic marketing campaign, no doubt you are on your way to the pinnacle of e-commerce success.  

Ready to ramp up your product line with supplements manufactured by SolisLabs? SolisLabs is a cGMP recognized leader that specializes in contract manufacturing for private label and nutraceutical products. For years, we have been managing the entire process of manufacturing from formulation to packaging and have maintained our reputation in providing high-quality products with precision and efficiency.  We strive to provide the best customer service support, quality products, safety, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a quote!

SolisLabs – Private Label Products

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According to the 2018 industry analysis, there are around 85,000 supplements products presented in just the U.S.A. market. Normally, our daily food intake should contain the nutrients needed for our bodies to function properly; however, this isn’t the case for many of us. 

Dietary supplements are an amazing way to augment our daily intake of vitamins and minerals. But dietary supplements aren’t just for buying; supplement sellers also reap many benefits. Whether private label or custom formulations, you can begin your supplement product line, and provide relief from joint pain, stress, high blood pressure, and many more ailments of the body.

We have listed the benefits of our TOP ten private label dietary supplements.

Probiotics: The word probiotic literally means “for life”. This  friendly bacteria helps your body digest, absorb, and metabolize food and are an essential key part of our immune system. Probiotics can be consumed as a supplement or in fermented foods like sauerkrauts, kefir, and yogurt, etc. It eliminates toxins from your body and strengthens your immune system. 

Probiotics not only have a positive impact on our overall health, but they also carry amazing benefits for our digestive system. Taking an appropriate amount of probiotic supplements can reduce belly fat as the bacteria aids fat excretion through feces rather than storing in the body. 

According to a study of The National Institute of Health, dieting women who take the probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus for 3 months potentially lose 50% more weight than those who didn’t take the probiotic. Probiotics can also reduce digestive disorders symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), boosting your overall health.

Solislabs has other private label digestive supplements like: 

  1. Digestive Enzymes which help your body breakdown the food consumed.
  2. Soluble and insoluble FIber aid in healthy bowel movement.
  3. L-glutamine Proteins that are long chains of single amino acids. These proteins are a vital fuel for digestive cells and can aid in the prevention of Crohn’s, colitis, and ulcers.

Multivitamins: Although it would be great if we could meet our recommended amount of nutrients from a balanced diet, we oftentimes miss the mark. Multivitamin supplements can provide the extra nutrients when your diet is lacking or when your body has a certain deficiency. Solislabs private label multivitamins contain small amounts of each nutrient and are generally safe. We also have nutrients available as individual supplements, which contain doses larger than the multivitamin.

Anti-aging: Although there are roughly 77 million baby boomers in the US alone, anti-aging products aren’t just for that population. Based on 2018 statistics, millennials in the US outnumber baby boomers by over 15 million, and are a huge target group investing in their skin and private label anti-aging skin care products. 

Want to know the secret to longevity? Our private label fisetin supplements are a natural flavonoid compound present in many fruits and vegetables. It can be found in apples, grapes, persimmons, strawberries, onions, and cucumbers. The supplement slows down the process of aging called senescence and may be able to help reduce the level of degrade senescent cells within the body that can improve and extend health and lifespans. 

Joint Formulas: Solislabs’ natural supplements for joint pain have the quality of healing and rebuilding the damaged joints. These supplements help to procure diseases:

  • Glucosamine: Plays a vital role in building cartilage. The natural production of glucosamine decreases with age which can cause inflammation in the body and joint pain. Taking glucosamine supplements may help to reduce the inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties, potentially treating arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Omega -3 Fatty Acids: Increases bone strength by boosting the calcium in your body. It also may treat arthritis.
  • Vitamin D: Assists to increase bone density in your body and decrease the risk of bone abnormalities.

The natural supplements for joint pain are useful to reduce the pain and offer more lasting remedies by restoring the joints back to a healthy state.

Brain Support: Omega-3 fatty acids are not only beneficial for joint support, but also boost brain support. Omega-3 fish oil supplements have piqued great interest. Studies suggest that a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids from foods such as cold-water fish, plant and nut oils, and English walnuts are strongly linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s. 

These supplements also aid in brain support:

  • Acetyl-L-carnitin: Some studies suggest that this amino acid might help Alzheimer’s patients with memory problems.
  • Asian (or Panax) ginseng: This herb is often used with ginkgo biloba, and may help with fatigue, improving ones’ overall health

Detox formulas: The liver and colon are important organs that performs many vital roles in the body. Our herbal supplements containing milk thistle, dandelion root, kelp, senna, turmeric, and other beneficial ingredients provide natural methods for detoxification, aiding in cleansing the liver and colon, protecting against toxins.

Weight loss: Our private label weight loss supplements contain healthy herbs, minerals, and fibers that have proven benefits. These ingredients help to control appetite and fasten metabolic rate. At Solis Labs, we ensure that all the ingredients contained in our weight loss supplements are tested to be effective with no side effects.

Some of our leading weight loss supplements are:

  • Garcinia Cambogia supplement is believed to be effective for several health problems. It’s popular and demanding because of its rich properties. The supplement is prepared from a tropical fruit named Garcinia Cambogia which is found in moist forests. The fruit consists of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which allows the blockage of an enzyme which is accountable for fat storage. 
  • Raspberry ketone is an aromatic compound found in red raspberries that is extracted and is a known weight loss aid. It is one of the safest ways to achieve substantial weight loss by assisting in the regulation of glucose and metabolism of fat, helping keep blood sugar levels at the required range. Raspberry ketones also naturally boost energy levels.
  • MCT Oil supplements play an essential role in weight loss and has a positive effect on metabolic rate. It supports the absorption of other fats and nutrition by permeating the body and brain with energies and renders a feeling of a full stomach.

Male enhancement: Sexual dysfunctions are the major disorder many males experience. The best solution for this is our private label male enhancement supplements that boost energy and testosterone, increase stamina, and pleasure. Our premium blend of men enhancement supplements are designed to support enhanced sexual performance and energy for men.

Stress relief and wellness: Anxiety is the 6th largest disorder in the country. As a result, many pharmaceutical companies push prescription drugs used to treat depression and anxiety into the market. Unfortunately, many of these products become addictive and cause side effects that are potentially hazardous to health, often making the anxiety worsened. The use of CBD oil, as per several studies, can be a promising treatment with calming effects.

CBD helps to maintain homeostasis in the body. It has a relaxing effect and can help boost focus and mental clarity. There are many health benefits of CBD oil including decreased anxiety, more restful sleep, lower blood pressure, and relief from pain and inflammation.

The intake of CBD oil capsules also has shown health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing acne, and may treat symptoms related to epilepsy and Parkinson disease. This health supplement is believed to help gain momentum in the world of health and wellness.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant and is commonly used in Asian cuisine. It contains curcumin, a yellow-colored chemical, often used to color foods and cosmetics. Turmeric serves as a natural pain reliever and also aids in digestion and can provide liver support. The supplement is often used to treat a series of conditions such as: arthritis, skin inflammation, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, joint pain, stomach pain and bloating, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, loss of appetite, jaundice, and liver problems among others. 

Turmeric supplements can also be used in skincare products, especially to lessen pimples and other forms of acne.

Solislabs is the the #1 Certificate Supplement Supplier, #2 Nutra Supplement Manufacturer, #5 Liquid Supplement Manufacturer worldwide! At Solislabs, we pride ourselves at being a leading dietary supplement manufacturer with our top goal of producing high-quality products with superior customer service. We can help you create a successful health product launch for each of our clients. Our cost is less as compared to the competitors with high-quality ingredients. We have experience and training in the FDA compliant food and drug labeling rules as one of the most valuable services as a manufacturer.

SolisLabs provides the leading private label and custom formulation dietary supplements of the best nutritional products. Moreover, all health supplement products are inspected, tested and come with a Certificate of Analysis. Go for the best supplements and maintain good health. With our knowledge and expertise, we are here to create a successful product launch for each of the clients.


Can Probiotics Boost Your Workout?

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The word probiotic literally means “for life”.

This  friendly bacteria helps your body digest, absorb, and metabolize food and are an essential key part of our immune system. Probiotics can be consumed as a supplement or in fermented foods like sauerkrauts, kefir, and yogurt, etc. It eliminates toxins from your body and strengthens your immune system. 

Probiotics not only have a positive impact on our overall health, but they also carry amazing benefits for our digestive system. Taking an appropriate amount of probiotic supplements can reduce belly fat as the bacteria aids fat excretion through feces rather than storing in the body. 

According to a study of The National Institute of Health, dieting women who take the probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus for 3 months potentially lose 50% more weight than those who didn’t take the probiotic. Probiotics can also reduce digestive disorders symptoms like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), boosting your overall health.

Probiotics have positive benefits on your workouts and can boost your immune system and energy levels which is extremely important after a high-intensity (HIIT) workout. If you are not able to get a good amount of probiotics from your food consumption, supplements are a perfect solution.  

The Bottom Line?

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Top Supplements for Joint Pain

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  • Published July 17, 2019
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With the development of infrastructure and increasing facilities, human diseases are also increasing. A lot of people are suffering from tormented joint pain.

Various pharmaceuticals methods are emerged to give relief from this tremendous pain. Natural supplement for joint pain is also an imperative invention that will give impactful results to refrain joint pain. 

Supplements Help Alleviate Joint Pain

The natural Supplements for joint pain have the quality of healing and rebuilding the damaged joints. The supplements help to procure diseases.


Glucosamine plays a vital role in building cartilage. Natural glucosamine starts decreasing and lower down with your age. The consequences of this causing inflammation in the body that may cause joint pain in the body. You can take glucosamine in the form of supplements that may help to reduce the inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The supplements treat arthritis and osteoarthritis that help to remove joint pain or knee pain.

Omega -3 Fatty Acids

Omega- 3 fatty acids increase the bones strength by boosting the calcium in your bones and that will reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Omega- 3 fatty acids provide many benefits like strengthening eyesight, reduce fat in the liver, etc. it also treat arthritis, As supplement it would be beneficial to reduce joint pain and increase grip strength. The fatty acid contributes to control inflammation in the body.

Vitamin D

Numerous studies have found that vitamins play a major role to slow down progressive knee damage. If your body doesn’t get enough vitamin D then you are at risk of bone abnormalities such as soft bones (osteomalacia) and fragile bones (osteoporosis). Vitamin D joint pain relief supplements assist to increase bone density in your body and decrease the risks of bones abnormalities

The natural supplements for joint pain are useful to reduce the pain and offer more lasting remedies by restoring the joints back to their normal and healthy states.