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Supplements For Arthritis

Your Guide To Taking Supplements For Arthritis

Arthritis is a complicated condition that is often chronic and always discomforting. While taking pills is never going to get easy it remains an inevitable part of living with a chronic illness. With a good management plan along with supplementation, people who have arthritis can get relief from inflammation and joint pain. A doctor will have a treatment or management plan for you, but you can ask your doctor which supplements for arthritis you can use to ease the symptoms along with your regular treatment plan. Some common supplements have proven effective in helping to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis.

Best Supplements For Arthritis

1) Turmeric Supplements

If you've heard of turmeric, then you've heard about its numerous health benefits. Turmeric is known to have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, so it is no surprise that many people add it to their diet through smoothies, teas, and sauces. If you are fighting chronic pain, however, you will need to take a more concentrated dose of turmeric. The active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin, and it is sold in concentrates as supplements. Buying a curcumin supplement that has at least 200mg of curcumin is ideal.

2) Chondroitin Sulfate And Glucosamine

Unlike turmeric that helps reduce inflammation, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine work to promote cartilage repair and formation. While the benefits of these supplements are evident, there is still some mixed research about the effect of continued use over a long period. Experts suggest that the use of these supplements should be discontinued after six months of continues intake if it doesn't help improve the symptoms.

3) Ginger Supplements

Just like turmeric, ginger is a root that has high anti-inflammatory properties. It is good to add ginger roots to your diet in any way you can. However, if the taste of ginger is too harsh for you to endure, you can buy a ginger supplement from a reputable brand. Capsules that are at least 100 to 225mg are ideal if you want to enjoy its benefits. However, ginger is a blood thinner. So, if you're already taking blood thinning medications, you should not add ginger to your diet to avoid interaction of both substances.

4) Fish Oil

Fish oil, preferably products rich in omega three fatty acids are good for people who have arthritis. Eating fatty fish that are rich in omega three fatty acids like mackerel and salmon is a good way to enjoy the benefits of omega three fatty acids in your body. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help you cope with arthritis. However, you don't need to eat tons of salmon to get the benefits. If you're not a fan of fish, you can easily buy an omega three fish oil supplement and add it to your diet.

As always, it is vital that you talk to your doctor before you add any supplement to your diet. Some of the drugs you are presently taking might interact with the supplements. If your doctor permits you, go ahead and add them to your diet. These supplements for arthritis are not intended to treat your health challenges, but they can help provide relief and, sometimes, alleviate the symptoms.



Supplements For Arthritis
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