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Breathwork Retreats

Breathwork Retreats


Breathwork retreats are a great way to regain focus on what’s important in life and gain a perspective on how to make positive changes that need to occur in the coming weeks and months. If you’re feeling run-down, stressed-out, heart-broken or just plain disappointed by what life has handed you, register for one of Jon Paul Crimi’s upcoming breakthwork retreats and watch the life-changing transformation that takes place following your time spent working on you.

What to Expect and Look Forward To During JP’s Breathwork Retreats

If you’re able to travel to Calabasas, CA for Jon Paul’s Nov 13th and 14th 2021 Mini Breathwork Retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to reset levels of happiness, confidence, gratitude, peace, and emotional balance that may have gotten off track in your life. You’ll learn to breathe correctly and leave the retreat with the tools necessary to practice breathwork on your own whenever you like. If you’re willing to show up and do what’s required of you during this amazing two-day transformational retreat, you’ll see a high return on your investment of time.

Who This Retreat is For

  • Anyone who wants massive benefits from breathwork without a long-term commitment to a week-long retreat
  • Those who are looking into how to become a breathwork instructor
  • Someone with an interest in basic breathing workshops

Upcoming Retreats

Jon Paul will be having more transformation, breathwork, and raw adventure in upcoming retreats that is sure to be life-altering. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be whole, breathwork and powerful exercises will help being about massive changes that are long overdue. It starts by learning (or remembering) how to truly love yourself. Make time for you and get away with JP for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to give yourself a gift that will truly lead to a rewarding pay-off. Jon Paul will guide you every step of the way in these Retreat.

Between breathwork and exercises, you’ll spend time engaged in fun and relaxing activities that will make your time away from home all the more rewarding. You don’t want to miss this retreats- you owe it to yourself and others around you.

Preparing For a Retreat

Sign up and take part in Jon Paul’s online breathing classes to set the tone for what’s to come, then get excited about everything you’ll experience during the retreat, a word that literally means stepping back from a situation to gain a better perspective.

Whatever you do for a living, wherever you are in your life, you have an obligation to being the best version of you that’s possible. True, it takes work, but breathwork is not just challenging, it’s also a lot of fun.

Find out more about what Jon Paul is up to at as you continue to explore the resources and information provided on his website. Feel free to reach out to Jon Paul's team if you have questions that require immediate answers: 310-625-6751.


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Breathwork Retreats