Coconut Oil Supplements

Several fats are essential for human health and must be a part of our diet. Though coconut oil is not essential fat for health, yet it offers considerable health benefits. Coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids named lauric acid, caprilic acid, and capric acid. These fatty acids are quick to metabolize and help burn the calories faster. Since coconut oil comprises middle-chained triglycerides, these fats do not get stored in the body and go directly into the liver. These fats get converted into energy which helps body and brain with numerous health benefits. The 50% of coconut oil contains lauric acids which convert into a substance called monolaurin. Monolaurin has been found extremely potent in fighting viruses and bacteria. That’s an overview of the benefits of coconut oil! Now, coconut oil dietary supplements are another form of coconut oil. These coconut oil capsules contain an ideal dosage for everyday consumption so that health and wellbeing can be improved from the multiple health advantages they offer.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Dietary Supplements

Elevate Fat Burning

Fat burning is the core of weight loss. More fats you burn more weight you can lose. But, long-chained-triglycerides fats slow down the number of calories you burn. Organic coconut oil supplements can leave you full without even storing the fats in the body. As a result, there is a good increase in the number of calories you burn in comparison to that of long-chained-triglycerides.

Kills Harmful Microorganisms

Monolaurin has the ability to kill harmful bacteria in the body. It has been proved to eliminate Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans (dangerous pathogens causing infections) from the body.

Boost Good HDL Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol tends to increase the risk of heart disease. Bad cholesterol is also known as LDL (low-density Lipoprotein) can be turned to a less damaging form with the consumption of organic coconut oil supplements. Moreover, many health experts believe the coconut oil is responsible for raising good HDL (high-density Lipoprotein) which in turn is protective to the heart.

Quality Makes a Difference

SolisLabs differentiates its manufacturing process from others in its great quality of the raw materials and final supplement products. We are cGMP certified and strive to keep up our standards of manufacturing coconut oil dietary supplements and other health supplements.