Myo Inositol

When it comes to any sort of health supplement, you want to know what you will be taking. Whether you are looking to boost your immune system or you would like to acquire something that will help you with the symptoms from PCOS, there are various supplements out there that will do the trick. Something that many people are looking to for several reasons is Myo Inositol, which comes from a natural carbohydrate that is found naturally within the human body. You will also find it in a range of dietary and food supplements that are on the market today. 

For anyone wondering is Myoinositol safe to take, you should know that there are numerous forms of the molecule, each of which has a structure that is similar to glucose, which is the main sugar found in human blood. Myo Inositol is important for a range of bodily processes, which is why it is so highly studied for all of the potential health benefits. Supplements that are available today include those that help with boosting health and wellness, quelling anxiety, and certain fertility disorders. 

These are some details on Myo Inositl health benefits, uses, and side effects: 

  • Aids in blood sugar control through the improvement of insulin sensitivity. Inositol can help to produce the molecules that trigger insulin action within your cells. Because of this, it has been looked at for the potential to help the body and the overall sensitivity to insulin, which would help to reduce insulin resistance.
  • It may help to improve fertility for women who have been diagnosed with PCOS. If you are interested in taking Inositol for PCOS, you should know that this condition has a direct correlation with insulin sensitivity. Studies have shown that it could be beneficial for helping to improve ovary function for women that are living with PCOS.
  • This is a supplement that has shown to have a good safety record with few or no side effects in very recent trials. Since it is found naturally within a variety of foods and within the human body, it has been deemed safe to be given as a health supplement. Dosing usually ranges from about 2 to 18 grams a day, with higher doses of 12 to 18 grams only showing some mild side effects, which include flatulence, mild stomach upset, and slight stomach pains.

If you are looking for an addition to your regular health routine, Myo Inositol is also being tested for other health benefits. People who are looking to improve their cholesterol, lose weight, lower their blood pressure, or help with depression may also have the ability to take this supplement with incredible results. 

Because Inositol is a natural carbohydrate that is found within the body as well as certain foods, it could bring excellent, safe benefits to many people. If you would like to explore our amazing immunity booster products and other supplements that we offer, you can find it by clicking here. Our team at SolisLabs is constantly working on probiotics, hair growth supplements, fertility support, and more.