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Healthy Recipes Edmonton

Healthy Recipes in Edmonton

If you eat right but you're tired of the same few things meal after meal, you've certainly come to the right place. Welcome to the online home of Revive Wellness. Here you will find all sorts of great advice to boost your health and improve your attitude. We also offer a wonderful collection of healthy recipes in Edmonton.

Start every day with a beautiful breakfast

Forget the notion that you're too busy to eat breakfast. There's no excuse for not whipping together a batch of berry-zucchini oatmeal muffins on Sunday for a tasty start to every day of the week. Of all our healthy recipes in Edmonton, these muffins are some of our favourites. To make these tasty treats, you only need a few ingredients such as whole wheat flour, brown sugar, flaked oats, and unsweetened applesauce. You'll also need flax seed, your choice of frozen berries, and grated zucchini along with baking soda, salt, cinnamon, milk, and butter. A batch of berry-zucchini muffins only takes around half an hour to bake in a 375°F oven.

One berry-zucchini muffin delivers five grams of protein, three grams of fibre, and 30 grams of carbohydrate. At 170 calories per muffin, these breakfast treats keep you light on your feet and ready to face the morning.

Easy crock pot cuisine

Does anything smell better than a pot of curry simmering slowly? If there is, we don't know about it. That's why Revive Wellness offers a sweet selection of healthy crockpot recipes in Edmonton. Lentil curry is a favourite of ours, and if you try it, you're sure to be amazed that something this good can be so good for you. To make Revive Wellness lentil curry, you'll need coconut oil, a big onion, peeled garlic cloves, and a green pepper. Cauliflower and lentils combine with turmeric, cilantro, cumin seed, and curry powder assist this dish in being super nutritious and ultra delicious. You can start this curry in the morning and let it simmer in your crock pot for six hours or more. Come home to a nutritious meal that delivers just 357 calories per serving.

Avocados and chocolate

Have you ever put these two South American natives together? It may sound crazy, but it really, really works. Browse Revive Wellness' healthy recipes in Edmonton to find a sensational recipe for a smooth dessert treat that's made with ripe avocados, pitted dates, cocoa, and chili powder. Coconut milk and honey along with a pinch of salt and a splash of coffee make this healthful treat any day of the week. You may even use this scrumptious dessert as an occasional treat while following your Revive Wellness eating plan.

Why live an ordinary life when you can live exceptionally? Revive Wellness was put together on the premise that we can all make our lives better, if we pay attention to how we eat, how we move and play, and how we stay serene in the face of adversity. Read my About page to learn more about why we founded Revive Wellness. We've helped a lot of people boost their health and happiness, and we can help you help yourself, too.




Healthy Recipes Edmonton