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Are you thinking about electrolysis for permanent hair removal on the body or facial area in St. Louis, MO? If so, you're not alone! Look your best and feel good about yourself with a beauty treatment from Professional Electrolysis Services. Their professionals offer a variety of treatments for permanent hair removal, both on the body and in the facial region, at affordable prices their clients appreciate.

Professional Electrolysis Services specializes in medically-oriented electrolysis, which is the permanent removal of unwanted body and facial hair. As a facility that has served the St. Louis area for almost 30 years, their experts welcome the opportunity to provide you with the latest, safest and most cost-effective methods of removing unwanted hair. Through new digital technology, you can achieve the look you want and enjoy the lifestyle you want to live.

Clients often ask about what treatments will be like and how long they will take. The good news is that with new technology replacing old, modern electrolysis treatments do not cause much discomfort and are fairly quick, lasting only between 15 minutes and an hour.

The total number of electrolysis sessions necessary to achieve permanent hair removal for body or facial hair in St. Louis, MO will vary from person to person. Most clients return once a week or once every other week until permanent hair removal has been achieved. Once the series of treatments have been completed, unwanted hair will be gone forever.

You may opt for the use of topical anesthetics to reduce the amount of discomfort you experience during electrolysis. Speak with someone from PES if you choose to use a topical treatment. LMX is a terrific option for anesthetic during electrolysis and is reasonable as well as easy to apply, with a less wait time than EMLA. You can purchase it BTC at a pharmacy near you or through a practitioner.

Consider the many benefits of electrolysis for permanent hair removal for body or facial hair in St. Louis MO and you’ll quickly gain an understanding of what it can do for you. If you’ve ever dreamed of the freedom that comes from never dealing with unwanted hair again, you can achieve those results by calling Professional Electrolysis Services at 314-843-7455.

Throw out those bathroom-cluttering shaving handles and blades, boxes of messy wax strips and goo, bottles, jars and the accessories and enjoy a lifetime of permanent hair removal with electrolysis: the permanent hair removal treatment for body and facial hair in St. Louis, MO. You’re going to love living the dream.

With a short series of virtually pain-free treatments, you’ll have the beautiful, smooth look you want for probably less than you think. Many clients take out a short-term, low-interest loan to cover the costs and then pay it back with convenient payments that fit their budget. This is a great way to make electrolysis more affordable.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Professional Electrolysis Services at 314-843-7455.

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