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The nervous system impacts almost all functions and other systems of the body, playing an integral role in your health and wellness. Issues such as mental health concerns, injuries, and illness can interfere with the nervous system, disrupting communication with the rest of the body. Fortunately, you can restore optimal body function with the help of chiropractic therapy in Edmonton.

At Glenora Chiropractic Clinic, our chiropractors are extensively trained and experienced to provide a variety of chiropractic services that can benefit patients of all ages. To us, chiropractic care is all about helping patients attain a better quality of life. Besides, it offers relief from pain, including back pain relief without surgery, making it a safe treatment.

Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

Studies reveal that chiropractic therapy can effectively minimize pain than many prescription medications. And although a lot of people seek chiropractic care for the relief of neck and back pain, it’s also used to treat pain in the shoulder, hip, knee, and soft body tissue. Below are a host of other benefits this natural treatment offers.

  • Treating Different conditions

The best chiropractic care is a form of patient care. That is why some chiropractors work with general healthcare providers to devise individualized treatment plans for patients. Chiropractic care can help with conditions like ear infections, menstrual disorders, fertility issues, headaches, and gastrointestinal syndromes.

  • Effective with Joint Dysfunction

If you find it hard to sit up, stand up, walk, or even hold a cup of coffee, top-of-the-line chiropractic care can assist in reducing joint dysfunction. Even if you don’t have pain, it doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong. A leading chiropractor at a back pain clinic in Edmonton can pinpoint the problem with your joints through a comprehensive examination and devise the most effective chiropractic care plan.

  • Addresses the Problem at the Source

Many prescription medications relieve the symptoms of various conditions but don’t treat the problem at its source. On the other hand, physiotherapy in Edmonton can assist in reversing the causes of a broad range of body and health issues.

  • Low-Risk Treatment

An adverse side effect of chiropractic therapy is soreness in the place of adjustment. Other patients report experiencing headaches or fatigue after a chiropractic session in a neck and back pain clinic in Edmonton, AB.

But these effects are short-lived, not to mention minimal compared to the goal of re-adjusting and re-aligning your nervous and spinal systems. That said, regardless of the type of chiropractic services you receive, chiropractic care is non-invasive and considered a low-risk treatment.

  • Offers Options for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a debilitating illness, and its treatments can put excessive strain on the musculoskeletal system in the body. Some reports even show some cancer patients experience muscle tension, headaches, challenges in mobility, peripheral neuropathy, and pain and aches in the neck and back. In addition to cancer treatment, chiropractic care can aid patients in increasing their function, flexibility, and mobility.

Start Feeling Better with Us

Are you looking for pain relief after experiencing an injury from an accident? Or perhaps you suffer from neck pain, back pain, or a chronic illness? Maybe you want to improve your health? Top chiropractors from our Edmonton pain and injury clinic will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to see whether our chiropractic therapy in Edmonton can address your needs and help you attain your health and wellness goals. Contact Glenora Chiropractic & Physiotherapy to schedule your first appointment: 780-453-1111.

Chiropractic Therapy Edmonton

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Chiropractic Therapy Edmonton

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