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Hemp Is Back And Bigger Than Ever

Hemp and all of its various uses have made a comeback recently, and now is the time for hemp businesses to jump into action! Thanks to the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (US Farm Bill), more and more companies are emerging that offer hemp products in various products and retailers.The particular bill legalized cultivating industrial hemp, and the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis at the state level. This also made sourcing high quality, well-regulated hemp easier for private label hemp manufacturers. Hemp products have exploded in not only popularity, but availability in marketplaces as well. Finding a qualified private label hemp manufacturer is essential in the success of any hemp business looking to provide quality hemp supplements and products.

Quality Manufacturing Practices In A New Industry Not Yet Standardized

Unfortunately, there are no standards set in place for producing, testing, or labeling hemp products yet. This potentially makes any type of federal oversight or quality control impossible. Such variations of standards should remind those in the business of hemp products, of the importance in quality manufacturing processes.

What hemp manufacturing processes include are the extraction, isolation, and manufacture of finished products containing hemp or specifically cannabidiol. Once cultivated, the cannabis plant is lifted from the ground and brought to a private label hemp manufacturer. Ethanol and C02 extraction are two commonly used methods for extracting cannabidiol and are two of the cleanest ways to extract cannabidiol for human consumption. Hemp manufacturing processes would also include derived ingredients such as CBD Oil, CBDDistillate or CBD Isolate.

Only a qualified private label hemp manufacturer will produce high quality products. One such qualified manufacturer is SolisLabs, a cGMP recognized contract manufacturer for private label and nutraceutical products. For years, we have been managing the entire process of manufacturing from formulation to packaging. Plus, we have maintained our reputation in providing high-quality products with precision and efficiency. We strive to provide the best customer service support, quality products, safety, and customer satisfaction.


The Hemp Manufacturing Process In A Nutshell

As with any manufacturing process, there are important steps from start to finish. Therefore, ensuring the right steps are being taken in the manufacturing process are essential to creating a quality product. Having a general understanding of how manufacturing hemp works will better guide you in the choice of picking a private label hemp manufacturer. Here’s a quick overview of the entire hemp manufacturing process beginning with collecting the product from farms to producing different types of final product formulations.

Classification Differences Between Hemp And Cannabidiol

Some varieties of hemp plants are bred specifically to contain high CBD and low THC for medical purposes. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (or better known as the Farm Bill) signed into law, removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. The bill then amended the definition of marijuana by removing hemp and all parts of the plant, including all derivatives from the definition. Section 297A now clearly defines hemp or any part of that plant (whether growing or not) as the plant cannabis sativa L. This includes all seeds, salts, salts of isomers, acids, cannabinoids, derivatives, and extracts, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of no more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. Section 7125 also allows the development of industrial hemp and the development of new and emerging commercial products derived from hemp. Only a quality manufacturer will source hemp from farmers cultivating strains that are tested and approved for their high CBD and low THC content. Ensuring your potential private label hemp manufacturer uses such strains is essential for standing out in a crowded market.

Harvesting And Processing Of Hemp For Manufacturing

Knowledgeable farmers know that hemp plants should be carefully harvested so as to keep their trichomes intact. The hemp plant is then dried in specialized drying chambers to preserve the cannabinoid and terpene contents. The drying facility is kept clean and dry to avoid contamination. The dried hemp plant is then ground before carrying out the CBD extraction and refining.The source material is then dissolved in a food-grade solvent like ethanol or CO2 to dissolve the required active ingredients. The solution then sublimates to yield those active ingredients. Once again, the extracts are dissolved in a food grade solvent and subjected to a suitable filtration method. Well-trained and highly qualified processing engineers choose the right filtration method depending on the solution. The solution goes through either one of these filtrations: vacuum filtration, wintered filtration, gravity filtration or pour-through filtration.

Next step is distillation. Distillation is perhaps the most precarious step of the hemp plant manufacturing process. This particular manufacturing process is now generally done with cutting edge machinery for carrying out distillation at the desired temperature, pressure, and vacuum manipulation. A number of cycles of a combination of distillation and chromatography yield at least 99.5% pure cannabidiol. To make sure these pure extracts are usable through ingesting or applying topically, they are mixed with food-grade carriers and excipients. This is one of the final steps of the extensive hemp manufacturing process. As a result, consumers get capsules, oils, and tincture bottles with droppers among various other types of products. Depending on the purpose of use, each product has a varying percentage of cannabidiol extracts.

Products A Private Label Hemp Manufacturer May Provide

After the hemp manufacturing process is complete, there are various types of products that can be made for sale to potential customers. Each type of course can be used for distinct purposes, depending on the intended use by a customer. Here’s a list of some of the most popular hemp products being made today by a private label hemp manufacturer:
Capsules: Hemp in capsule form can be consumed like any other dietary supplement. They can be liquid capsules with oil, or they may be a powder capsule. Capsules are the best option when you need accurate dosage and ease of use.

Hemp Tinctures: They are usually consumed by placing under the tongue for a couple of minutes before swallowing. This allows quick absorption into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes.This form of cannabidiol from hemp is fast-acting with an average onset time of twenty to forty minutes.

Topicals: Another way of benefiting from hemp is its topical use. Topical hemp products target the body’s endocannabinoid receptors in the skin. Hemp infused topicals are mostly used for calming inflamed, irritated or sore areas.


It’s important to note that Ion Labs is a step ahead of its competitors as far as being a leading private label hemp manufacturer. They do this by establishing a standardized hemp manufacturing process to ensure consistency, purity, safety, and efficacy of its products. SolisLabs manufactures various types of hemp products at its FDA registered, cGMP certified manufacturing facility. Getting to know the process that a potential manufacturer uses, is crucial for making the right decision in choosing a private label hemp manufacturer.

SolisLabs Formulation Of Hemp Supplement Products

Custom Formulations and Product Development is what we specialize in here at SolisLabs. We effectively formulate vitamins, natural dietary supplements, and nutritional health supplement products for companies in the Nutraceutical industry. Our team of the expert chemists, scientists, and pharmacists are ready to assist and partner with your company.

Therefore helping to produce your current formula, or develop a unique formula from start to finish. At SolisLabs our team adheres to all cGMP compliance methodologies to ensure all formulas are manufactured at the highest quality, while maximizing product effectiveness. We not only work with our clients to develop unique formulas but we strive to help enhance the quality control as their private label hemp manufacturer. This includes the quality of our raw materials and active ingredients at every step and stage of production.

By partnering with us at SolisLabs, you gain access to our formulas, including the private label formulas that we have specifically developed in-house. Whether you are looking to customize one of our private label products, or are starting from the beginning, our team of experts has the knowledge and capabilities to make it happen. We are here to meet our client’s requirements while providing the utmost quality you can trust. There’s a reason why we are the top private label hemp manufacturer, hands down.

Gain Access To Our Private Label Dietary Supplement Products

We want our clients to partner with a trusted private label hemp manufacturer that can help effectively brand their health supplement products to the market. Therefore, increasing their ability to stand out from the competition. Private label nutritional supplements, vitamins and other health-related products are just some of many turnkey solutions we provide to our customers here at SolisLabs. We help clients create products that have a demand within the marketplace and are high in quality.

At SolisLabs, we pride ourselves on the high-quality proven formulations of hemp products, quality assurance testing, label design, and packaging. Our Research and Development Team is staffed with highly educated formulators, chemists, and scientists in the industry. Our experienced team provides the expertise and knowledge to formulate only top quality hemp products, using top quality ingredients. We have a solution to help you keep growing your brand regardless of the size. Whether you are a small or large business, as your private label hemp manufacturer, we can help formulate your products for success.

Quality Hemp Liquids Supplement Products

We are committed to fulfilling your needs for liquid health supplement hemp products. We bring our in-depth knowledge about supplement manufacturing to help you create a new range of custom liquid dietary supplement products in excellent flavors. Our unique liquid manufacturing services will help you in creating a high quality, custom liquid supplement product with our combination of active ingredient concentration, product stability, and consistency.

Hemp Liquids Supplement

Packaging And Labeling For Hemp Products That Help You Stand Out

At SolisLabs, we offer full-service packaging and labeling of all hemp supplement products that we formulate. And that’s because we know the importance of clean products, it’s all about presentation. We have designers and label printing experts that know the overall look and feel to launch a successful product. Not only is the quality of our powders, capsules, and tablets good, but we know how to finish them as a whole. Our various hemp dietary supplement products are well packed and well labeled to increase their reliability among customers. The impact of a product will definitely be stronger with a good packaging to enhance your brand. Another reason as to why SolisLabs is a great choice as your private label hemp manufacturer.

We handle label printing, application, and even review the label in-house by our quality control experts to ensure the label meets FDA compliance. Whether you are looking for a small or large packaging, we have options for you. Let SolisLabs take your product packaging to the next level. We have the capabilities to customize your perfect label and package to meet the demands of your customers.

Contract The Best Private Label Hemp Manufacturer For Your Business

As a health supplement products and private label hemp manufacturer, we provide turnkey solutions to nutraceutical industries. We strive to supply the highest quality nutritional products to our customers. Our advanced formulation methodologies are proven to produce high-quality unique formulas to meet your needs. All the while producing your specific hemp formulas within required standards of quality control. Our manufacturing and formulation services are top of the line as a private label hemp manufacturer. Contact us today to see what we can offer for your business. Partner with the best private label hemp manufacturer and trusted leader in the nutraceuticals industry, SolisLabs.