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Top Supplements for Brain Health

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  • Published November 12, 2019
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Researchers have found that certain brain supplements can positively affect the brain. Beneficial effects of the brain could be an improvement in cognitive skills and memory, among others. There are mixed opinions on whether brain supplements really are effective or not. However, there are a couple that have been extensively researched and agreed upon to be healthy for the brain.

Fish Oils

Fish oils include fatty omega-3 oils. DHA and EPA are two fatty omega-3 oils in fish oil. Fish oil is a natural oil extracted from fish. Fish oil is used for many causes revolving around health including eye improvement, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and much more. The function and structure of the brain strongly involve DHA which plays a vital role in total fat and omega-3 fat in the cells of the brain. EPA might improve moods in people with depression. DHA supplement has been paired with improvements including thinking, memory, and reaction skills.


Caffeine is a very popular substance that most people are familiar with. Caffeine is included in our sugar drinks, coffee, and teas. Caffeine can be easily taken as a supplement. Many people also like the effects it has on the brain through drinks like coffee. Caffeine can boost the energy of the brain and give it a kick. Besides an energy boost, other beneficial side effects include improved reaction, memory and brain function.


It is possible that phosphatidylserine can be beneficial. Phosphatidylserine is a compound of fat that can be located in the brain. This supplement is said to positively affect and preserve brain health. People who have taken the supplement have experienced improved thinking skills along with improvement in memory.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a supplement that is herbal. Ginkgo biloba is very popular and has many uses for the human body. The herb is widely used among herbalists and naturopaths. The supplement can increase blood flow to the brain and aid with memory and focus.


Creatine is a well-known supplement. The substance creatine is naturally located and found in the body. Creatine can be located in foods such as fish, red meat, and eggs. People that live on a vegetarian diet are deficient in creatine and the supplement can help with thinking skills and memory.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is an herb used in traditional healing and medicine. Healthy people and elderly people can be positively affected by the supplement with functions such as memory and thinking skills. It is recommended for people who have declining brain function.

It is important to truly understand and research what you are putting into your body so always take time to see what works for your situation and your body.

Can Vitamins improve your workout?

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  • Published November 12, 2019
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“Ensure you get enough protein. Lower carb consumption. Avoid unsaturated fats.”

Each of these lines stands true and anyone who has ever worked out might have come across either one or all of these lines in their journey. There is no doubt that all these play a huge factor in your health and fitness. However, there is another key ingredient that many people tend to overlook and personal trainers seem to forget to mention.


These are organic compounds that need to be fed into the body since the body cannot synthesize many of these itself. Vitamins can be either taken via a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables or through supplements taken in the form of pills. Whatever the form, it is important that the body gets its fair share of vitamins daily.

13 basic vitamins play their respective roles in keeping the body at its optimal to ensure a proper workout. Vitamin B is needed for the body to ensure adequate energy production and also to repair muscle tissue while Vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption and maintaining bone health. Another important vitamin as far as workouts are considered is Vitamin E. This has proven to reduce inflammation and soreness during muscle recovery especially after strength training and HIIT exercises.

Vitamins A, D and K are fat-soluble and hence will be stored in the body. This means these can be obtained right from a diet rather than pills. Vitamin B and C are water-soluble and thus do not get stored in the body, so if your diet doesn’t adequately provide these vitamins, they can be taken in the form of pills.

Another important point to note is that excessive intake of vitamins is detrimental and can actually do more harm than good. If your diet already meets all the daily vitamin requirements, ensure that you stay away from pills and supplements because that could lead to adverse effects, since excessively taking too many vitamins is not going to achieve better results.

The Bottom Line?

To obtain the best benefits of a workout, adequate vitamin requirements need to be met. The required amounts are much less compared to daily protein, carbohydrate, and healthy fat requirements and can easily be fulfilled with good quality supplements. Although vitamins will not enhance performance during the workout, it provides essential benefits post-workout that will help in attaining those long-term fitness goals. The effects of vitamins may not be immediately evident on your body, but over time it will have a large positive effect on improving your workouts and living a healthy lifestyle.

How to Start An Online Supplements Brand

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  • Published November 12, 2019
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Health is a very important subject to most people, and an easy way to help stay healthy is to take supplements. Maybe health and fitness is something you’re passionate about, and you want to start your own brand, and with these steps you can.

Identify Your Product

  • When you’re starting a supplement brand, the first thing you need to do is identify is what supplements you would like to sell and what for. It could be for heart health, weight loss, memory, joints, pain etc.

Research Your Product and Your Market

  • Research your product and the demand for it, it could be something that is very popular, or it could be something that is a bit under the radar and not as popular yet.
  • Research the ingredients that go into your product, look up the pros and cons of each to ensure that is safe for consumption for your customers.

Find a Manufacturer

Finding a manufacturer is a very important thing to help you produce your supplements, if you are new to the industry it can be a bit challenging to do, but with some research it is not impossible.

  • Look at reviews, researching the reviews and reputation for a manufacturer is a big step to see how reliable they are.
  • Sometimes manufacturers can be a bit overpriced so make sure to compare prices, so you get the best deal as possible.
  • Ensure that your manufacturer is also NSF certified, the certification is something that confirms that the building in which they produce the products are clean and in good order and condition, therefore enduring regular inspections.

If you’re looking for a great manufacturer that produces a variety of different high quality supplements at a great price, our company SolisLabs is a great place for all of that.


  • Check out your competition, the health industry can be highly competitive and a lot of companies can produce similar things. A great thing is to establish yourself and your brand and what makes you different so that you can stand out.
  • Establish the pros and cons of your company vs. the competitors, it could be price, side effects, certain deals and discounts that your provide that competitors don’t such as free shipping etc.
  • A great way to promote your brand is to start a social media page, reach out to some popular influencers on the platform, and set up a sponsorship. Lots of YouTuber influencers, and Instagram influencers already have a large fan base and if they test out your product and show the results, with just a few posts you could be seeing great amounts of traffic.

We hope these tips provide you with a more clear idea on starting an online supplements brand. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to learn more!

Which Supplements Can Boost Your Workout?

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If you’ve ever pushed yourself to maintain a rigorous workout routine in order to reach some sort of fitness goal, then you know the truth – exercising is hard. Getting worthwhile results that reflect all of your hard work is even harder. If shedding pounds and packing muscles was easy, then everyone would be doing it.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to such a glaring problem. Exercise supplements exist to enhance performance during your workout, helping you bring your body to its physical peak. If you’ve never taken a look at the vast pool of supplements out there, then you’ve been severely hindering your progress.

Of course, before you jump into the world of supplementation goods, it’s best to know which ones actually work. Here’s a guide to help you get on the right track.


Creatine is a natural organic compound made up of amino acids that already exist within the human body, supplying energy to cells within the muscles. As a workout supplement, it will improve aerobic endurance, promote muscular strength and growth, and increase overall power. It’s great for packing on extra muscle.

What’s more, creatine’s versatility allows it to come in a multitude of different forms; powders, liquids, pills, etc. Its design enables users to utilize the supplement in ways that work for them. However, researchers have conceded that results may vary depending on the person. Nevertheless, creatine supplementation does work and is certainly something to try.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a type of protein powder that provides a base for the functioning of cells. It also supplies essential amino acids to the body. Like creatine, whey protein works wonders for muscular strength and growth due to its role in protein synthesis. It repairs the microfibers torn in the muscles after a workout, which will make them stronger.

In addition to its usefulness, whey protein is extremely easy to use. It can be mixed with water or milk, and is the most easily absorbed protein powder by the body.


Those familiar with Omega-3 supplements may associate them with brain and heart care, but they are also invaluable when it comes to fitness. Omega-3 is known for improving endurance, which will help you exercise longer and harder. It works because it decreases heart rate and oxygen usage by the body, leading it to require less energy when performing physical activities. Additionally, Omega-3 is also great for burning fat in short periods of time.

Like creatine and whey protein, omega-3 promotes muscle growth through amino acids. However, it stands apart due to its ability to induce weight loss. All things considered, it’s a supplementation good worth a try.

Bottom line: These supplements are a great start for you workout journey. Of course, using supplements alone will not bring results so most importantly it is essential to also be consistently working out and eating healthy.

How to Start a Successful Supplements Brand on Amazon

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If you’re looking for a way to expand or start a supplements business, there is no better place to reach a larger market than Amazon! Here are some keys to success that will allow your product to stand out, and be well received by customers on Amazon.

Have Clear Explanation of What Your Supplement Does

There is almost nothing more important to a buyer than knowing what the product they’re buying will do! Be clear with your description of what your supplement is made to do, and also what you’re putting in your supplement. Explaining flavors, health benefits, how the product is used, and showing customer reviews, can greatly increase the chances your product is bought and successful.

Variety Is Important!

Even if you have the most incredible supplement, many buyers will look elsewhere if it’s not available in a form they prefer. It’s a good idea to try to sell a variety of flavors and supplement types (gummies, pills, powder), if you’re selling an edible product. If you’re selling a cream supplement it may be good to try different scents that would appeal to a wider variety of Amazon customers.

Packaging Can be a Game-changer

Having a great product is a fantastic start to having a successful supplement brand; however, having a great brand along with a great product is what is guaranteed to bring you success. Having unique and eye-catching packaging, product names, and logos, can bring in exponentially more customers than solely your supplement, and can be difference-maker in what makes your product more successful than other sellers on Amazon.

Quality Control

Knowing that what you’re selling to your customers is up to top standards every time it’s sold is what will ensure your product’s selling longevity and customer satisfaction. Make sure that you know what you’re putting into your product is what you are telling your customers and that you know the product will work, be safe, and will impress your customers every time they buy from you. Low quality products will quickly lose you customers and may lead to low reviews for your product which will greatly hinder further sales.

Have Great Customer Service

The last tip to having a successful supplement brand on Amazon, is to remember to always give the best customer service possible. Many customers will have questions about the product; making sure you quickly reply to questions and are helpful in your responses, will greatly increase your chances of sales and generate great customer reviews of your products. Trying promotions especially when the product is first launched can be a great way to grab new customers. Most importantly, make sure to treat all customer concerns with care and make sure every customer feels they have had the best experience possible with your company from every sale. 

Following these guidelines will ensure your product stands out, and is loved by customers throughout your successful time on Amazon!