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What are the Benefits of CBD Oil Capsules? – Updates for Dietary Supplement Vendors!

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  • Published January 29, 2019
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There are some great reasons for every dietary supplement vendor should consider getting CBD oil capsules manufactured and sell them. CBD, popularly known as Cannabidiol, is a remedy for several diseases. One of 104 chemical compounds of cannabis or marijuana plant, this cannabinoid is not psychoactive as some other cannabinoids such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are. So, it doesn’t have any mind-altering effects and yet it has pain-relief properties. CBD oil is extracted from cannabis plant by diluting it with oil carrier such as coconut oil.

Let’s find out how CBD oil capsules have helped people to gain better health.

Relieves Pain

Do you know that sleep, appetite, and pain are regulated by a specialized system called endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body? This system does so by incorporating cannabinoid receptors activity in your nervous system.  CBD impacts this cannabinoid receptors activity and thereby reduces inflammation and chronic pain.According to studies, CBD oil capsules can help in mitigating sciatic nerve pain. The studies also demonstrate the positive effects of CBD when its consumption is combined with THC.

Reduces Cancer-Related Symptoms

Cancer treatment is a boon. However, cancer-related symptoms and the side-effects of cancer treatment are difficult to undergo. Some of them are nausea, pain, and vomiting which also are induced by chemotherapy. The cancer-related pain could be reduced with the consumption of CBD when combined with THC. It is to be noted that this fact is corroborated by a study.It is also believed that both the compounds also have cancer-fighting properties.

Helps Overcome Depression and Anxiety

We know that massive population is afflicted with depression and anxiety. While depression is the largest factor responsible for disability, anxiety is the 6th largest disorder people are fighting with. There is no need to mention that most medications, used to treat depression and anxiety, are addictive and cause several side effects. Turning to CBD, as per a study, can be a promising treatment to overcome depression and anxiety.

The intake of CBD oil capsules also has shown health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, reducing acne, and may treat symptoms related to epilepsy and Parkinson disease. This health supplement is believed to help gain momentum in the world of health and wellness.

Looking for Cannabidiol Manufacturer?

Whether you want private label services or custom formulation, SolisLabs, a cGMP cannabidiol manufacturer can help.

Must Read for Natural Dietary Supplement Vendors! – Here are the Most Used Supplements in America Right Now!

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Are you somebody planning to start out a natural dietary supplement company? Or, are you someone looking to know most-used supplement products? Yes? Great! We are going to talk about a recent survey that shows the most popular supplements and also the increase in the use of certain health supplements by the people of America. This information, therefore, can help ramp up profit for supplement vendors.


What are the Most Popular Natural Dietary Supplements?

Despite a slight decline in their intake, Fish oil supplements and multivitamins are two most popular supplements among the folks. This popularity indicates that people have received considerable health benefits from these supplements. Fish oil supplements help treat inflammation and diseases related to inflammation. Multivitamins are also beneficial for overall wellness.  While multivitamins are consumed by 60.2 percent of people, 65.6 percent of people are those who take fish oil supplements.

Natural Probiotics Supplement has Increased in Use

The survey shows that the use of natural probiotics supplement has increased to 40.2 percent from 37.8 percent last year. The health benefits of this supplement include increased metabolism rate, healthy gut, and better digestive tract and many more. Selling natural probiotic supplement can be a good idea as it helps treat bowel related problems which are common among people. Its rich health properties and good bacteria can help improve wellness.

Other Supplements That have Increased in Use

Apart from Probiotics supplements, the use of CoQ10, vitamin D and B vitamins has also been ramped up.  Another notable supplement is magnesium, the use of which is jumped to 43.1 percent from 38.1 percent last year.

Final Word – Matching the production of health supplements according to their existing demand can help you channelize your profits. There could be a little up and down in the demand and use of health supplements from time to time.

Essential Dietary Supplement Products at SolisLabs

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Food that we eat is not always packed with all the nutrients and contains all natural dietary supplements that are essential for effective working on our systems. Luckily, the change in the methods of farming and the chemicals being added to the soil, the reduction of natural minerals due to over-farming etc, we do not get proper nutrition and that is the reason food supplements are given a priority. However many people still question the importance of taking dietary supplements in today’s world.

There are various reasons to consider supplementing your diet with high-quality nutrients

The recent commercial agriculture techniques leave soil deficient in important minerals. Many times foods are shipped long distances and are stored for long periods of time, which eventually cause the depletion of vitamins including the important B-complex and C-vitamins. Modern methods like food processing techniques, cooking, and preserving bring out nutrient depletion in our food supply that makes it difficult to obtain adequate nutrition from foods alone. Dietary supplement products safety starts when you take a closer look at the label. Dietary supplement labels provide us with a wealth of information about the product as well as its intended effects. The first rule of thumb to remember is to choose supplements that make realistic claims. Also, remember that supplements are not a magic cure for all health and wellness issues.

What makes SolisLabs a leading manufacturer of Dietary Supplements?


SolisLabs strive to provide the best customer service support, safely, and quality and customer satisfaction. A cGMP compliant state of the art manufacturing facility which is dedicated to meet the highest standards of quality control. We have specialization in the FDA compliant food and drug labeling rules, laws and regulations, as one of the most precious services as a manufacturer. As health supplement product manufacturers, we provide turnkey solutions to nutraceutical industries which are trying to supply the highest quality nutritional products to their customers. Get started with the usage of probative dietary supplements, MCT oil supplements, hair growth supplements and many more.

SolisLabs Dietary Supplements-What You Need to Know?

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The majority of adults nowadays take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally. Today’s dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbals, botanicals, amino acids, and many other products. Popular supplements include vitamin D and vitamin E, minerals like calcium and iron etc. Solislabs is a cGMP recognized trusted leader in contract manufacturing for private label and Nutraceutical products. With the years of manufacturing experience, we have been providing beneficial nutritional products that include liquids, powders, capsules and one of the best CBD oil products.
Why intakes of supplements are necessary for the sedentary lifestyle in current days?
Nowadays, our food is not a whole as it is used to be in primitive times so supplements are a natural way of boosting the immune system and enabling a person’s good health. Moreover, supplements help in the strengthening of the muscles and balance the major deficiencies in your body. Supplements also consist of anti-oxidants that an individual can’t get 100% of the food. One needs to understand that the supplements are generally in the form which is easy for one’s body to absorb and utilize.
Where can you get the cost-effective Dietary Supplements?
SolisLabs helps in creating a successful health product launch for each of our clients. Our cost is less as compared to the competitors with high-quality ingredients. We have experience and training in the FDA compliant food and drug labeling rules as one of the most valuable services as a manufacturer.
Avail best benefits from the CBD products with years of manufacturing and SolisLabs provides one of the best nutritional products. Moreover, all health supplement products are inspected, tested and come with a Certificate of Analysis. So go for the best supplements and maintain good health. With our knowledge and expertise, we are here to create a successful product launch for each of the clients.