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Top Supplements for Joint Pain

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  • Published July 17, 2019
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With the development of infrastructure and increasing facilities, human diseases are also increasing. A lot of people are suffering from tormented joint pain.

Various pharmaceuticals methods are emerged to give relief from this tremendous pain. Natural supplement for joint pain is also an imperative invention that will give impactful results to refrain joint pain. 

Supplements Help Alleviate Joint Pain

The natural Supplements for joint pain have the quality of healing and rebuilding the damaged joints. The supplements help to procure diseases.


Glucosamine plays a vital role in building cartilage. Natural glucosamine starts decreasing and lower down with your age. The consequences of this causing inflammation in the body that may cause joint pain in the body. You can take glucosamine in the form of supplements that may help to reduce the inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The supplements treat arthritis and osteoarthritis that help to remove joint pain or knee pain.

Omega -3 Fatty Acids

Omega- 3 fatty acids increase the bones strength by boosting the calcium in your bones and that will reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Omega- 3 fatty acids provide many benefits like strengthening eyesight, reduce fat in the liver, etc. it also treat arthritis, As supplement it would be beneficial to reduce joint pain and increase grip strength. The fatty acid contributes to control inflammation in the body.

Vitamin D

Numerous studies have found that vitamins play a major role to slow down progressive knee damage. If your body doesn’t get enough vitamin D then you are at risk of bone abnormalities such as soft bones (osteomalacia) and fragile bones (osteoporosis). Vitamin D joint pain relief supplements assist to increase bone density in your body and decrease the risks of bones abnormalities

The natural supplements for joint pain are useful to reduce the pain and offer more lasting remedies by restoring the joints back to their normal and healthy states.

Top Selling Dietary Supplements on Amazon and the Monthly Revenues They Rack In

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  • Published June 14, 2019
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Amazon is the king of innovation, and a market changer for dietary supplement vendors. The powerhouse attracts buyers and sellers from hundreds of countries, enchanted by millions of products. As an Amazon seller (or an aspiring vendor), you aim to partner with a trusted manufacturer that can help effectively brand their health supplement products to the market and differentiate from the competition.

In 2018 Amazon accounted for nearly half, 49.1% to be exact, of all online purchases in the US with retail sales topping over $260 billion, as reported by TechCrunch. With Amazon being the top retailer for custom and private label supplements, we researched the best of the best – hoping to gain some insights into the top selling products and the monthly revenues for each.

Top Selling Dietary Supplements on Amazon

  1. Hydrolyzed collagen - $658,319.52
  2. Collagen Powder - $444,270.78
  3. Probiotics- monthly revenue $409,389.68
  4. Fat Burning- monthly $393,151.19
  5. Hair Supplement (biotin) - $385,271.52
  6. Workout Supplements for Men - $365,527.29
  7. Joint Supplements for Women - $352,584.13
  8. Whey Protein - $347,463.25
  9. Protein Supplement for men - $304,804.56
  10. Turmeric - $297,346.48
  11. Eye Health - $264,824.45
  12. Magnesium - $184,178.01
  13. Colon/Prostate Health - $166,741.31
  14. Elderberry - $106,153.07

Do these numbers makes you excited? Topping the charts of Amazon is more attainable than you’d think.

Can’t choose between Custom and Private Label Supplement?

Private label nutritional supplements, vitamins and other health-related products are just one of many turnkey solutions we provide to our customers here at SolisLabs. We help clients create products that have a demand within the marketplace and exceed in quality.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality proven formulations of dietary supplement products, quality assurance testing and label design and packaging. Our Research and Development team is staffed with highly educated formulators, chemists and scientists that provide the expertise and knowledge to formulate only top quality products using top quality ingredients. Our health supplement products range from natural probiotics supplements, MCT oil supplement and hair growth supplements to colon cleanse supplement, natural male enlargement supplement and garcinia cambogia supplement.

We have a solution to help you keep growing your brand regardless of the size. Whether you are a small or large company, we can help in production sizes with no minimums. Are you ready to see what we can offer, partner with us here at SolisLabs a trusted leader in the industry?

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Buyers’ Guide: MCT Oil Supplements

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  • Published May 15, 2019
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There are a variety of foods and supplements for serving the nutritional needs of the human body but as far as MCT Oil supplements are concerned, they are helpful for a large number of health problems.

MCT are fatty acids called Middle-Chain Triglycerides that are one of the three types of fatty acids. All three types of fatty acids are different in composition as the number of carbon varies in them. MCT oil contains the middle range of carbons from 6 to 12 carbons unlike long chain fats (13-21) and short chain fats (6 or fewer). Due to less number of carbons in MCTs, they can be easily digested and offer several health benefits.

Despite the fact that MCTs have large quantities of calories, the body needs not much effort for their break-down. Easily transferred from gut to directly liver, they get converted into energies that our brain and body requires. Therefore, eating foods with MCTs don’t get stored in the liver instead their break-down produces energies improving satiety. It further aids in weight reduction and management.

Although MCT fatty acids can be resourced from foods such as coconut oil, butter, milk, and palm kernel oil, a more concentrated version of MCT can be found in some of the best MCT oil supplements.

What are the health advantages of MCT Oil Supplements?

Weight Loss

The men and women of the USA have been struggling with obesity for years and the figures are only getting worse. MCT Oil supplement plays an essential role in weight loss as research shows a positive effect of its daily intake on metabolic rate. It supports the absorption of other fats and nutrition as well. It permeates the body and brain with energies and renders a feeling of the full stomach.

Optimal for Heart Health

The regular use of MCT oil dietary supplements can prevent the occurrence and development of metabolic syndromes. This may include abdominal obesity, hypertension, abnormal fasting glucose levels and dyslipidemia. It can, therefore, be considered effective for reducing the mortality rate emerging from cardiovascular problems.

Effective for Nutritional Absorption and Digestive Function

MCT supplements have the ability to kill harmful bacteria without even affecting the good bacteria. It aids in balancing the bacteria in gut microbiota which, in turn, stimulates the digestive function. The foods we eat have rich minerals and vitamins which are hard to absorb by the body due to a weak digestive system. But, MCT oil supplements enhance the absorption and energy expenditure and offer numerous related health benefits.

At SolisLabs, we are considerate to match our clients' expectations of the quality of MCT oil dietary supplements. By maneuvering throughout our manufacturing process, we make sure that we produce effective and rich health supplements to offer maximum benefits to the customers. While we deliver on our promises, we are dedicated to promoting the well-being and health of the people out there.

Is CBD Safe for my Dog?

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  • Published May 5, 2019
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All natural, remedial and non-toxic, Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil, a liquid procured from the cannabis plant, has been a growingly popular trend in the world of dietary supplements. The popularity of CBD Oil products creates enormous opportunities for dietary supplement vendors, ranging in gummies to coffee to eye drops.

Many are loving the benefits of CBD, but is it safe for dogs?

CBD products from hemp, classified as cannabis with less than .3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), are not psychoactive (that ‘buzz’ feeling). Rather, it provides your dog with a relaxing feeling without any harmful intoxicating effects.

Here are a few benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs:

  • Painkiller and Anti-Inflammatory
    • At times, dogs have a hard time maintaining sleep, pain, and appetite: CBD oil may help. These three factors are regulated by a specialized system called endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. This system does so by incorporating and binding cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. CBD impacts this cannabinoid receptors’ activity, thereby reducing chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Antiemetic
    • Studies show that CBD has antiemetic properties, easing vomiting and nausea. It controls nausea by influencing the serotonin receptors in addition to slowing down serotonin release. This lessens the stimulation of the vomiting center in the brain.
  • Stress Reliever
    • Anxiety is the 6th largest disorder in the country. As a result, many pharmaceutical companies push prescription drugs used to treat depression and anxiety into the market. Unfortunately, many of these products become addictive and cause side effects that are potentially hazardous to health, often making the anxiety worsened. The use of CBD oil, as per several studies, can be a promising treatment with calming effects.
  • Anti-Cancer Effects
    • Each year, there are approximately 6 million new dog cancer diagnoses. As mentioned, CBD oil can have positive effects on cancer related symptoms, like pain, stress, nausea, and vomiting. It is also believed to eliminate cancer cell death. This happens as the CBD blocks the cells’ ability to produce energy, inhibiting glioma cell growth.

There are many manufacturers of CBD oil and CBD-infused products. As a vendor, it is important to research and ensure you buy products with manufacturers with high-quality products and great customer service. SolisLabs is a cGMP recognized leader that specializes in contract manufacturing for private label and nutraceutical products. For years, we have been managing the entire process of manufacturing from formulation to packaging and have maintained our reputation in providing high-quality products with precision and efficiency.  We strive to provide the best customer service support, quality products, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Interesting in becoming a CBD oil seller? Contact us today!

Dietary Supplement Vendors, Here are the Top Trends Impacting Omega 3 Supplements!

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  • Published April 24, 2019
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The dietary supplement industry is forever changing. It demands all the vendors to keep close tabs on the current market conditions, consumer demand, and other factors meticulously.

But what do vendors need to gear toward to take effective actions in regard to omega 3 supplements? Here, we have put together the top latest trends that could help potential vendors ensure success in the increasing the sale of omega 3 supplements.

Consumers are Becoming More Aware of Their Health

There is a remarkable difference between how people were concerned about their health in the past and how they think about it today. With convenient access to health information on the internet, people easily get to know about all that matters for their health.

But, how this can help you with your Omega 3 supplement success? Well, the key is information and, you can mark the difference if you provide clear and concise information about your best omega 3 supplement product.  Not just the technical data on the packaging is enough but also you must surface your website with downloadable, easy to read benefits and health claims of your product.

Omega-3 Market Indicates Growth

Several studies show that omega 3 helps to reduce several health diseases. A recent study also shows that people have an increased level of awareness on the health benefits of omega 3 benefits.

But, do people know the right levels of omega 3 that they need to consume on a regular basis? Not really!

What you should do on this note is provide the info on the recommended intake of omega 3, omega 3 rich diets and the insights on the degree and levels of omega 3 that your omega 3 supplement provides and more.

Spreading the word will not only make people aware but also convince them that your company is a reliable source of the best omega 3 supplements that they are looking for.

Creating and providing such info will help people know whether or not the omega 3 supplement fulfills their needs.

Social Media and Online Marketing is Rising Up

This era is all about social media and online marketing. It’s easier to acknowledge your targeted customers about your product and services online. Since you need to show your reliability to the customers, connecting with influencers can help even better. Create content that educates potential customers about subjects such as if your omega 3 product meets the recommended intake and details of the ingredients that your products consist of and so on.

Finding a health supplement cGMP manufacturer? Click here to discover a lot of useful info!

Tips on Marketing Your Dietary Supplement Company

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  • Published April 19, 2019
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You might get frightened of finding the massive competition out there before you start up your natural dietary supplement business. Even if you are already established in the business, what market strategy you rely upon matters the most. How you market your supplements can make a big impact on the demands of your dietary supplements. To stand out in the dietary supplement business, it is vital that you focus majorly on great marketing strategies. There are a few essentials to keep your business uplifted from the rest of the competition.

Differentiate your Brand and Packaging

While the quality of ingredients and formulation process should certainly be immaculate, it is the packaging and label design of the products that attract the buyers in first place. Make sure you work well with a knowledgeable graphic designer who already knows the must-have of packaging and label designs of dietary supplements. It is best to go with some research to analyze the packaging and labeling of your competitors in order to avoid blending in their designs with yours. A great appearance is something which is attractive enough as well as unique from the rest of the same products of your contenders. It will be an add-on if your supplement manufacturer provides packaging and labeling services as you won’t have to make arrangements on your own.

Identify Your Customers

Be very sure who will be those people who can get attracted to your on-shelf dietary supplement products. Having only a basic idea of your customers will not help you expand your supply as much as it originally can to a larger number of people. Go with an in-depth research and analyses that help you get a right idea of your customers who are actually interested in buying your natural dietary supplements.

Enhance your online visibility

Don’t limit yourself only to offline customers! When it comes to retaining the brand authenticity, the web is the best place to be. Follow a sound online market strategy and make a strong digital presence. More people will know about your health supplement products, larger will be your sales.

Vendors Guide: 5-Step Checklist to Identify High Quality CBD Oil

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  • Published April 15, 2019
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With its federal legalization in December 2018, the Cannabidiol (CBD)/Hemp industry has been on the rise! This fairly new market is making its rounds across the country due to its amazing health benefits.

What sets CBD apart from all other essential oils in the market, aside from an infamous reputation, is that it’s a compound produced by and extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant.

The growing popularity of CBD has sellers across the world with their best claims that they have the highest quality product in the market. And as it becomes increasingly popular, it’s not easy to determine which CBD brands provide high-quality CBD oil authentically. Quality will always supersede marketing tactics since products made of lesser quality will not yield the same benefits, which can impact your business and overall reputation. This gives even more reason to spend time determining the right CBD oil manufacturer.

As a leading CBD manufacturer, we have come up with five ways to choose the best high quality CBD oil manufacturers for your business.

  1. Where is it grown? This is critical factor as it affects the quality of the oil extracted. US growers are required to disclose where the plants are grown by Department of Agriculture. The last thing a buyer will want is for their CBD oil to have accumulated toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals, especially when marketing a product as “Organic”. In the same way you should know how it’s extracted, you should also know where it comes from.
  2. What is the THC level? One of the cannabinoids that are found in marijuana and agricultural hemp is Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This is the substance that gives the user that “high” feeling. Legally, optimal levels of THC present should not exceed 0.3% so check the product carefully and request for their lab test results before you make the purchase.
  3. Is it full spectrum or isolate? There is a big difference between isolate and full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts (0.3 percent) of THC whereas Isolate CBD oil is a purified cannabidiol without cannabis and residual cannabinoids. Know which product you intend on selling prior to purchasing.
  4. What does the Certification of Analysis Say? It is important to know not only where CBD is grown but also how, as this is another crucial factor in determining whether it is of high or low-grade quality. As it’s a fairly new industry, regulation standards are still being written as to how the product should be made. High-quality CBD oil is usually processed by ethanol and/or extraction of supercritical CO2. You can determine this by conducting research and requesting third party lab testing results known as the Certification of Analysis (COA) from the manufacturer.
  5. What Do Customers Say? A reputable CBD manufacturer will always take pride in providing only high-quality products with great customer service. SolisLabs is a cGMP recognized leader that specializes in contract manufacturing for private label and nutraceutical products. For years, we have been managing the entire process of manufacturing from formulation to packaging and have maintained our reputation in providing high-quality products with precision and efficiency.  We strive to provide the best customer service support, quality products, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Interesting in becoming a
CBD oil seller? Contact us today!

Don’t Think You Benefit from Vitamin D Supplements? Read this!

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  • Published April 1, 2019
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Adults of all ages who get very little exposure to sunlight-for example, those who are homebound or in an institution may need Natural Dietary Supplements.

People who are at increased risk for developing osteoporosis are likely to benefit from a regular vitamin D supplement. Authorities differ as to the dose. In my opinion; a dose of 1000 international units (IU) per day is generally beneficial and safe. In developing nations, vitamin A supplements reduce death rates in children. However, they are unnecessary in developed nations like the United States. Some people need vitamin supplements because they have particular medical conditions that can lead to deficiencies.

Individuals who do not have regularly balanced diet-because they are poor, abuse alcohol, or have dietary restrictions (like being vegans) for example -may well need particular vitamin pills. The same is true for people with various gut conditions-like Crohn's disease, celiac disease, chronic diarrhea, or gastric bypass surgery-that interfere with the absorption of vitamins in food. People on dialysis for kidney failure need vitamin supplements. Adults of all ages who get very little exposure to sunlight-for example, those who are homebound or in an institution may need Natural Dietary Supplements.

SolisLabs believes in delivering reliable products, with high-quality formulations in a timely fashion. We are passionate in what we do, providing quality, compliance, safety, and results to keep our clients coming back.

All cGMP Manufacturers are not created equal.

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Sight, touch and smell alone don’t ensure that the dietary supplements are safe and effective.

The nutraceutical industry is growing enormously because the supplement products have been shown beneficial for many health problems. The health benefits achieved from products such as coconut oil dietary supplement, probiotic dietary supplement, and green powder supplement are numerous. But the effectiveness of these products goes hand in hand with the manufacturing practices used for production. They are at the core to determine the quality of these supplement products.
Here is when cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) busts the confusion regarding quality needs during the manufacturing and production processes of supplement products. In this post, we are going to dust off the picture of how cGMP works.

What exactly is cGMP?

Those who are very new to the industry must understand what exactly cGMP means. It is a regulation enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that assure the purity, strength, quality, and identity of drug products including dietary supplements. When a supplement or drug manufacturer performs the necessary processes to formulate the drugs or supplements, he has to incorporate the cGMPs throughout. It only happens if the manufacturer is cGMP recognized trusted leader.In order to comply with cGMP, the manufacturer has to establish a quality management system which adequately controls manufacturing practices and operations. Consequently, it becomes the responsibility of manufacturers to obtain high-quality raw materials and maintain reliable testing laboratories.

Members of the team ensuring the quality of our customer's products is the best.

The Impacts of cGMP – How is it important?

The cGMP-compliant manufactures make sure that contamination, mix-ups, errors, and deviations don't take place during the formulation processes. By adhering to the practices of FDA regulations, they maintain the benchmark of high-quality health supplement products such as coconut oil dietarysupplement and weight loss supplements. Additionally, the manufacturers are encouraged to follow modern technologies, methodologies and innovative practice. The "C" in CGMP stands for "current," necessitating companies to use systems that are up-to-date.

Looking for a cGMP dietary supplement manufacturer?

Are you someone new to supplement business, and looking for growth and expansion in the supplement industry? Contact SolisLabs. The company is a cGMP recognized entity and is a leader in contract manufacturing for private label and Nutraceutical products. It strives to provide the best customer service support, safety, and quality and customer satisfaction.

Where are Natural Dietary Supplements businesses going?

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  • Published March 15, 2019
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Americans rely on the natural dietary supplements in order to enhance their health and alleviate many diseases. It implies that dietary supplement business is growing each passing day. However, the concern of the quality of dietary supplement products is always a major one among the folks as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Thereby, the supplement vendors need to consider several aspects from time to time. To increase and maintain the growth of supplement business, it is important to understand the needs of people, and complications related to quality of raw materials and ingredients of supplement products.

The Graph of People’s needs for Dietary Supplement Products

Not everyone needs the supplement products but the majority of people (more than half of American) do take one or other supplement. People with depression, anxiety, heart problems, Alzheimer, arthritis, infection, cancer and weakness consider supplements a valuable remedy. Most of individuals have experienced the improvement in their health after taking supplements effective for their health issues. However, while it is always recommended to take all the necessary nutrients from healthy foods, some supplements have really proven to be helpful to mitigate certain diet issues.
Even dieticians also rely on certain good quality dietary supplement products to fill in the diet gap.

The Quality is a Topmost Concern

Your business is likely to grow only until the quality of your supplement products is unmatched. The non-GMP-complaint manufacturers are still struggling to make their mark in the nutraceutical industry. While you focus on branding, private label, customized formula and so on, the quality of the manufacturing processes is an undeniable aspect. Here - is a sheet on the facts of dietary supplement that NIH has let out. NIH also launched an online Dietary Supplement Label Database at The database shows the ingredients of thousands of natural dietary supplements. Before you start out your own supplement business or simply want to revise the trends, look at the links thoroughly.

It’s pivotal that you stay at rank #1, when you have to come to terms with quality parameters of health supplements